Prom night may be the culminating activity of any high school student’s social calendar, but it may as well be one of the most stressful nights for parents. Both in real life and pop culture, prom night is often depicted as this wild night filled with alcohol, mischief, and inappropriate contact — in other words, it’s a parent’s worst nightmare.

As a supportive parent, you’d want to have your teenage son or daughter to have fun but still come home in one piece, but it’s difficult to balance fun and safety without constricting your child’s prom night by imposing strict rules. Luckily, here are tips to help out parents ensure their child’s safety during the infamous prom night:

Know The Plan

Ask your teen with regards to the plan for the evening, where he/she would be going after prom, who’s tagging along, what time they’d be going home, or if they’ll be spending a night with his/her friends somewhere. Parenting isn’t a one shoe fits all, and you may be strict or lenient when it comes to curfews and if you’d allow your teen to stay or go somewhere else, but it’s essential that you know hear the plan first.

Be Aware of the Prom Parties

Most of the time, you wouldn’t have to worry about alcohol and other risks at the prom venue as there usually are chaperones to ensure appropriate behavior and safety of the students attending prom. Most of the mischief occurs afterwards during prom parties. So, if your teen is going to one, it’s important that you’re aware of where it is, who they’re going with.

Know Who’s Driving

It’s important that you’re aware as to who would be driving your teen to and from the prom venue, as well as to any other locations such as after-prom house parties. One of the dangers of prom night is having your teenager share a ride with someone who’s drinking, inebriated, or brought alcohol. If you’re renting a limo with a chauffeur from your local prom limousine service in Miami, FL, it’s important to check their policies on alcohol in the vehicle or at least request them to have the chauffeur be adamant about not allowing alcohol in the vehicle.

Plan for Emergencies

You should have a code or a means of communicating an emergency in case your teen runs into trouble. You can either have them do a missed call, or send a letter or a code via chat or text to signal that they need to be picked up. You should also include emergency contacts in case your teen’s phone battery dies out.

When You’re Hosting the Party

If your teenager is bringing friends over and continue the prom night in your place, make sure that you properly lock away or hide any alcohol and prescription drugs to avoid any incidents.

parents making a video call

Check-ins and Curfews

Your teen may end up being too busy to call or chat to update you, which is why it’s important that you also regularly schedule a check-in call to see if your teenager is safe, and to be updated to their location and who they’re with. You should also be wary to remind them of curfews, assuming that you have one in place.

The Talk

Before prom, it’s important that you sit down and have a serious talk with your teen. Yes, “that” talk. You’ll want to remind your child about alcohol, drug use, and sex, and their repercussions. It’s important to have your child promise that they’ll be responsible enough and that there will be consequences if they break their promise. However, you’d also want your teen to trust you enough that they won’t hesitate calling you if they ever break their promise or get into trouble, and let them know that their safety is your priority.


Prom night can be very hard for parents, but with these simple tips, it can be a bit more manageable and allow you better peace of mind as well as ensuring your child’s safety. As mentioned earlier, it’s not a one-size-fits-all, and the way you’d want to make sure that your teenager has fun and stays safe is still up to your parenting style. So the bottom line is that you should allow your teenager to have fun (prom is just one night, after all) but also to take the necessary steps to guarantee their safety.

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