Plumber fixing the faucetThe problem of the leaky faucet had vexed humankind for decades now. Leaks cause all sorts of hassles. The basic laws of plumbing are easy enough to understand. Your home’s plumbing system succumbs to gravity, just like everything else on the planet.

Nevertheless, it is often not so easy to figure out where the water in a flooded basement is coming from. Fortunately, any hot water heater repair technician in Salt Lake City can help you sort it out. For now, while your home is dry and comfortable, you should learn more about how to prevent leaks from occurring at all.

Lower stresses on the pipe with reduced water pressure and water softening

A plumbing leak is more likely to occur when the pressure in the water pipes is too high. When the pressure is higher than normal, the lifespan of the pipes decreases because the system has to work harder than designed.

Another highly recommended measure to decrease the forces at work within the plumbing lines is to soften the water. You will know you are dealing with hard water if there is a whitish buildup on the showerhead. You may also check with the municipal water service about the “hardness” of the water.

If you want to be sure, order a water test. Hard water has a high mineral content and the elements could build up – elements such as calcium and magnesium, which may lead to corrosion. When the buildup increases, you compromise the flow.

A water softener should be able to counteract the minerals, and the electronic softeners dissolve them.

Check your pipes periodically and protect them when necessary

Plumber fixing a white pipeYou are not a plumber but you have access to the pipes. If you can find the P trap, the removable part of the pipeline under the sink, you have the means to check it for clogs. By removing any buildup caught in the P trap, you will prevent problems.

Buildup increases pressure, which may lead to pipe breakage and leaks. Meanwhile, in frigid weather, find the time to open the sink cabinet and check if the pipes are freezing. Frozen pipes could burst, and you can prevent this occurrence. You will see the telltale signs when you check.

Mind the early signs of plumbing leaks

Some homeowners blame themselves for not taking action earlier. They say they could have prevented expensive repairs and water damage if only they heeded the early signs of a leak. When the toilet is running constantly, you have a problem with the flapper, and that is easy enough to address.

On the other hand, a small leak may be undetectable. Oftentimes, the only sign there is water leaking somewhere is a water bill that jumps up suddenly. Unfortunately, given time, every leak you do not address promptly grows to be a real problem.

Plumbing maintenance could help curtail the issue while still in its infancy. Prevent disaster with vigilance. You will be thankful you took action way before things get worse.

A plumbing leak is always a bothersome issue. What you want is to prevent it altogether. Do what you must now so that you will not have to spend money you do not have on a major plumbing disaster.