Girl with missing toothTooth development in children undergoes different stages. At around six years, your child’s permanent dentition will start with the loss of milk teeth. There are times, however, when your kid might lose the milk teeth first before the age of permanent tooth development.

Most parents think the loss of milk teeth isn’t much of an issue. The teeth surrounding the gap left, however, shift to fill it, leading to the growth of misaligned permanent teeth. Thankfully, there are solutions a kids’ dentist in Eagle Mountain might recommend to prevent premature loss of milk teeth. The following are the common causes of tooth loss and their preventive solutions:


Most kids lose their milk teeth from trauma sustained from accidents and falls in sports activities. The ideal preventive solution for this is a mouth guard. Mouth guards customized by your dentist rather than store-bought ones are the best choice since these form a snug fit and unlike the latter, don’t result in oral ulcerations.

Gum Diseases

Periodontal conditions typically result from poor dental habits, which allow bacteria buildup on your child’s gums. Fortunately, the conditions are treatable with timely intervention. Without intervention, gum disease weakens your kid’s gums and loosens the teeth, which consequently fall out. Routine dental appointments are the ideal option for prompt diagnosis and successful treatment of periodontal disease.

Dental Caries

Milk teeth are highly prone to cavities from breast milk and sugary treats. Luckily, there’s now a range of preventive therapies for milk teeth cavities. The most efficient options include fluoride therapies and pit and fissure sealants.

Correction of misaligned permanent teeth resulting from a shift to fill gaps left by premature milk tooth loss is expensive and extensive. With the above preventive solutions, you can now prevent premature loss of your child’s milk teeth. This way, you can guarantee your kid’s perfect dental alignment and future dental health.

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