House cleaning can be a tedious task unless you hire a professional house cleaner to clean your entire home. Then again, hiring a professional cleaner means additional expenses on your part. So the next practical option is to do the cleaning yourself. However, you don’t have to be overwhelmed with cleaning your house because you really have to do it.

One of the essential parts of your house that need thorough cleaning is the windows. If you recently bought windows from stores such as AP Windows, remember that windows can quickly accumulate dirt and mold, which can cause allergic reactions. Also, having dirty windows can be unpleasant to the eyes.

What to do before cleaning your windows

There are a lot of window cleaning products you can buy in your local grocery stores. You need to do the following things before cleaning your windows:

1. Have old newspapers on hand.

It might be better to scrub and buff your windows using crumpled old newspapers instead of wasting a lot of microfiber towels (you can use those later on for the final cleaning touches). Using paper will make your windows brighter and free from unsightly streaks.

2. Remove blinds and curtains first.

These can get in the way of cleaning your windows. Plus, it is also an excellent opportunity to clean them as well.

3. Brush and vacuum the window first.

Doing so can make window cleaning a lot easier. Plus, it prevents the occurrence of muddy residue if you wash the windows without vacuuming them first.

4. Make sure that it’s not too sunny out there.

For one thing, it is sure easier to dry your windows during good weather. However, drying the windows that fast can cause unpleasant hard water streaks. That is why experts suggest cleaning your windows when there are more clouds outside.

 Cleaning Windows

Window-cleaning tips

By this time, you already have an idea of what you should do first before washing your windows. There are ways to clean your windows, depending on how big and dirty they are. Here are some helpful window cleaning tips for a squeaky-clean finish.

1. Choose the right kind of window cleaners.

Don’t be shy – go ahead and use a generous amount of window-cleaning spray. Use one to remove dirt and streaks more effectively.

2. Buy a lot of microfiber cloths.

These are very absorbent, reusable, and can effectively make your windows clean and shiny. If you prefer using paper towels, make sure to use one that is specially made for window cleaning.

3. Think twice before using a squeegee.

A squeegee is more effective for bigger windows but not for smaller window panes. Cleaning using a squeegee can also be messy, so make sure to have newspapers or rugs on the floor.

These are only some of the things you need to know for better-looking, squeaky-clean windows. Having clean windows not only lessens the occurrence of allergic reactions due to mold and dust but also makes your home look brighter and pleasant.

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