Sailing through the ACT is no small feat. But that is what many students will be striving for this year in order to realise their dreams of a higher education at a leading US university. This is made more difficult for UK students wanting to take the ACT who have little to no exposure to what the exam is about. They may also feel that they lack access to the relevant resources that can guide them through their revision.

Help is at hand with ACT Tutoring London thanks to tutoring establishments, such as A-List Education UK in London, who offer individually tailored lessons through US university educated tutors. Tutors go through rigorous training in how best to prepare students for the ACT and provide one-to-one guidance and support during test preparation.

When should students interested in ACT Tutoring London get started on their revision?

Not too early, not too late

There is such a thing as starting too early, before students have sufficient exposure in school to the subjects relevant on the ACT. On the flip side, starting too late can lead to extra stress and the potential to burnout.

There is a sweet spot that varies depending on how individual students best perform. For some, starting just 2 months before sitting their test but devoting 6 hours a week to revision works well. For others who prefer a more staggered approach, starting 6 months before their test and devoting one or 2 hours a week is more effective.

Once revision begins, it is important for students to track their progress.

Strengths and weaknesses

An important part of ACT Tutoring London is pinpointing a student’s strengths and weaknesses. The ACT is comprised of 4 mandatory sections: English, maths, reading and science, as well as the optional writing section. Each one tests a different set of skills. Students should do practice tests to help identify which areas they need to devote more revision to. This will give them the best chance of scoring well across the board.

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