Office Planning

One of the highest expenses when running a business is what you will need for your office space. With the rise of internet marketing, you might consider working from home, but this brings a challenge when you need to meet clients.

Thankfully, renting office space nowadays does not necessarily mean a considerable monetary investment. There are currently several options which can work for startups and established businesses looking for affordable places to run a business.

The most affordable and yet efficient option nowadays is shared office spaces in lucrative locations, such as New York. Shared office spaces will foster communication between your staff and boost an “open door policy.”

To guarantee that this office space will work for your venture, you should pick the best floor layout. Nowadays this is an open-plan layout. The following are some of the styles of an open floor plan layout for working spaces.


This is the leading style option among open office layouts. The workstations are arranged as cubicles with three walls partitioning them. Cubicles provide the highest level of privacy among all open layout plans.

Moreover, they will control noise and provide excellent sound barriers depending on the material you will choose. Unfortunately, cubicles will minimize the quantity of natural light which flows into your office space and might make your area look cluttered.

You can, however, increase the natural light streaming in by opting for glass cubicles though for privacy you will need to include different designs on the glass.

half partition


These allow your employees to speak and see each other over the office’s barriers. The partitions will act as space dividers and absorb some noise though they offer less privacy compared to cubicles.

Half partitions will allow enough natural light into your workspace and free communication among team members. Unfortunately, most workers will find it challenging to concentrate in offices with half partitions owing to the noise. You will also need a closed space for private meetings and phone calls.

Team Enclosures

This layout features a larger enclosure than cubicles and allows team members to occupy one area. As such, they can work together with minimal interference from other teams.

Team enclosures are an ideal choice for business ventures with creative teams which spend a greater part of their day in discussions and brainstorming. Their primary drawback is the lack of individual privacy.

Open Spaces

These are generally the cheapest option among open floor layouts. The style is best suited for small business setups and quiet environments as there are no partitions. Employees will work at adjoining stations side by side. You can invest in lockable drawers and cabinets to store sensitive information.

A huge percentage of businesses fail for lack of proper planning. Getting yours right is hence essential. The above style options for an open office layout give you various alternatives for arranging a small office space to make the best impression on your visitors and enhance your employees’ productivity.

The layouts will not only need minimal floor space but will also save you on heating and cooling expenses. They will work for businesses in all sectors.

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