According to recent statistics, there are around 200 employees in an offshore oil rig and there are about 1,470 oil rigs worldwide. Workers who chose to be employed in an offshore area are the real brave heroes of today. A lot of risks and threats are present in this line of work. Even with this obstacle, they are doing a very tough job to accomplish their tasks. Working away from their family is one of the hardest adversities they may be facing.

These employees should be physically fit and emotionally stable to qualify to be one. There are also requirements followed to be hired as an offshore worker. You need to have a certification that you have passed the basic offshore induction and emergency training. It is a test to check on the skill of an individual in situations which require quick thinking and problem-solving. This survival and training course will help individuals who are interested in pursuing this kind of career to manage crisis and danger effectively and efficiently.

Other than this requirement, there are employers who are not that keen on looking for individuals who finished a college degree. They may require applicants to be a high school graduate or a vocational course graduate. The most important characteristic is that the individual can be trained and is disciplined. Knowledge may be gained from experience as well.

In Lafayette, job hiring is usually in progress to look for offshore day cooks, seamen, mechanics, drillers, tool pushers, floor hands, medic, and many more. Living in this set up may be challenging for some. These employees share a room with each other. They may work for about 12 hours a day and rest for the remaining time. Food is cooked and served accordingly. There are also cleaners who are tasked to maintain the sanitation of the area.

Aside from these, what may be other tips for offshore workers? Here are some of them:


You will not get bored in an offshore area. There are a lot of gadgets, televisions, and games to keep you occupied. Grab a friend and have some fun! There is also Wi-Fi to communicate with your loved ones. These sources of entertainment can also be used to be updated with local and world news.

Family and Friends

family of three sitting on the couchYour family may be one of your reasons for pursuing this career. Remember to seek out their approval and opinion about your decision. It is important to let them know and feel that you will still be a part of the family by constantly connecting with them. There are different modes of communication available offshore. It is also vital to keep a number of workers who can be your close friends. Make sure that they can be trusted and dependable. It is good to be with someone nearby who you can talk to every day.

Sharing of Utilities

Living with a lot of people every day may require patience and sensitivity. You may meet co-workers with different personalities. You have to be open-minded and respectful of their beliefs and principles. Basic manners should be done like cleaning up after using the restroom,making up your own bed, and tidying up spaces that you used. Always remember that the properties and belongings are all shared and common with everyone.

If you want to be an offshore worker, take note of the info provided here. It isn’t an easy decision to make, so ensure that you have all the facts.

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