Traditional cookie-cutter office layouts are losing their charm, and in their place, companies are shifting towards modern spaces that are designed to improve employee productivity. Successful companies in the modern era know that offices are not only a place for doing work, but also a reflection of a company’s core values, culture, and brand.

There has been an increase in the number of open office layouts in cities like Manila, New York and Los Angeles in recent years as companies strive to find ways to encourage collaboration, transparency, and openness. Different office space settings in commercial areas like Ortigas Center reveal a shift from traditional office spaces. The reasons behind the office layout differ from one company to the next. So, how do you ensure that your office space is designed with productivity in mind?

List Your Values

You have to identify and list down your core values first. Your newly redesigned office space should speak volumes about the values of your organization. Once you have listed them down, start thinking about how you can transform them into an integral part of your office space. You can enlist the help of designers to actualize your ideal office.

Create Zones

There should be designated places for holding meetings and interacting while others where individuals can work quietly. Creating these zones allows employees to feel more creative and channel their energies to the right kind of work without facing distractions. On the other hand, employees who wish to brainstorm can meet up in a designated area to hold a conversation without distracting the rest of the employees.

These spaces also encourage concentration, focus, and meditation. These spaces could include sofas, lounge chairs, and low stools to encourage your creative workers to meditate and think outside the box.

Add a Conference Room

Conference room

Conference rooms allow teams to meet and discuss their goals, assign tasks, and create strategies to follow to achieve their goals quicker. You don’t have to stick to the traditional conference room arrangement. Play around with creative designs that make employees feel involved. In addition to the setting, the conference room should have the necessary equipment to encourage sharing and collaboration.

According to a study on the workplace culture, many employees believe that they can help in defining the values to be followed at the workplace. There is no better way to engage them than listening to their views when it comes to designing a new office space. Your company’s main goal is to keep employees happy and more productive, and one way of doing this is to engage them in the office design.

A functional office can be a strategic tool that is valuable in improving productivity as well as fostering collaboration and promoting learning. The layout and features included will be responsible for creating a positive atmosphere for the employees.

There are many designs to choose from and many features to incorporate; therefore, work carefully to avoid overdoing things. At the end of the redesign, you’ll be more than happy to know that the office space is working for your company’s benefit.

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