Man writing the SEO processWhatever your business is, it is important to employ an effective SEO strategy that will put your brand on top of the search results. This goes for dental practices as well. Enquiries coming from new patients on search engines are the most powerful next to referrals.

To expand on SEO for dentists, Dominate Dental shares that ‘… there are only ~13 spots on page one of Google (including three map results) and your competitors are fighting just as hard as you are to take one of them. But the reward of a top position (combined with some smart tactic), can catapult your practice growth’.

Apart from rolling out content after content on your website, there are off-site practises that you should also employ for a wider reach.

Guest Blog Posts

Share your dental articles to famous article directories. Not only will this method get traffic for your website, but this will also help you get links. However, you need to remember that what matters most is quality, not keyword-stuffed content that will only end up wasting your audience’s time. Not only that, through guest blog posts, you can also build a rapport with influencers in the industry, which can help boost your recognition in the digital market.

Social Media

As one of the most important things in your digital marketing efforts, various social media platforms not only boost your online presence, but these can also help with your SEO, locally optimised posts, for example. Social media provides the perfect opportunity for you to engage with the local community, which can effectively help with local SEO.

Discussion Boards

Participate in discussion boards by interacting with patients and other influencers in the dental industry. Not only will you make a connection by giving advice, but you can also provide links to your website and generate leads from there.

Enhance your SEO efforts through these techniques and remember that your aim is to stay on the first page of the SERPs and, if possible, rank first among your competitors.