You’ve been together for years, probably married for a couple of years now. So far, you’ve survived picking out the perfect engagement ring. As for the wedding ring? That was her job when you got married. You have no idea how to pick jewelry because the engagement ring you bought for her was born out of the advice from the salespeople in the shop. But today, after years together, you think it’s time to learn how to pick up something special for her.

Be prepared to be bombarded with a jewelry photo that’s undergone editing service. There are many like that on the Internet, and you may wrongfully be persuaded by a sparkly diamond you see on Instagram. If there’s only one thing that you have to know about buying jewelry, here it is: Never buy online. Make an actual effort to go to the shop and have a feel of the jewelry before purchasing it for your wife. She deserves as much.

Learn About Her Preferences

Working on the premise that she likes jewelry, what kind of jewelry do you usually see her wearing? At this point in your relationship, you should know by now if she likes yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or a combination of those three. You should also have noticed if she likes dainty jewelry like a small rose for earrings or if she wants big and chunky jewelry like big hoops for her earrings.

Decide What It Will Be Used For

Is it going to be an everyday accessory that she can wear to work or to the grocery store? Will it be worn only on special occasions? If it’s for everyday use, you will have to find dainty pieces such as a thin necklace chain with her initials as a pendant or a ring that will complement her wedding ring. But if it’s for special occasions, you may need to shell out a little bit more because jewelry used with evening wear will have to be larger and chunkier than those for everyday use. That means larger stones and thicker chains.

Choose a Category

What kind of jewelry are you going to pick up for her? A necklace? A ring? How about a bracelet? A pair of earrings perhaps? Once you have narrowed down the kind of jewelry that you plan on picking up, it makes it simpler and easier to find where you should be looking. You will also be less overwhelmed with the options available to you.

Save Up

man buying his wife a jewelry

If you want to buy jewelry for your wife, you should save more than what you usually do when buying ordinary gifts. Jewelry doesn’t come cheap. Although you can pick up something for less than $100, you’ll want to give her something better. If you can afford to save up for at least half a year, you’ll probably be able to get a larger stone and a more quality metal such as gold and titanium.

In the end, your wife will absolutely love whatever you decide to pick up for her, even if it’s not exactly what she likes. That’s just the way healthy relationships work. You appreciate every little gesture. But still, wouldn’t it be more satisfying for you if you see her face glow up because you picked the right jewelry?

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