Chef tasting the food

Running a successful restaurant or catering business takes more than cooking mouth-watering dishes. Without an exceptional culinary presentation, you will not arouse your clients’ appetites. People will first eat with their eyes, and a creative food display will significantly enhance the taste of your food. This will also allow you to showcase your creations and assure your guests that they are getting their money’s worth.

Creative food displays might sound time-intensive in a commercial kitchen, but they are not if you have the right tools. The right resin tray or plate is an essential component of your food display. The plate or platter you choose will help you conceptualise your exhibition according to its size and colour. Once you have the right one, you will need different tools to create your presentation. Here are some of them:

Decorating Brushes

These have a range of uses in creative food presentation. A decorating brush can be used to add broad strokes and detailed lines of sauces on meat, vegetables, and baked dishes. The brush can also be used to put intricate designs on baked treats. One of the emerging trends in culinary presentations is the creation of designs on beverages. The decorating brush will also prove useful for this.


These are useful in the creation of specific sizes and shapes with your dishes to keep your plate tidy and provide a visual appeal. Ring moulds, for instance, are the best choice for presentations that involve the stacking of different ingredients to add structure and height to your presentation. There are also different material options for the moulds to suit a range of applications. Metallic moulds, for example, can be used for baking and making designs on hot dishes.


Two chefs making pastry

Creating presentations with chocolate, soft vegetables, and hard cheese might be a challenge. Thankfully, you can ease your task with a shaver. This tool helps to precisely trim or grate these ingredients to your desired shape and size.

Precision Tongs

A delicate and well-executed presentation can be toppled over by the careless placement of one last ingredient. To prevent this from happening to your dish, a precision tong is a must-have. Precision tongs will help in the arrangement of delicate and small ingredients on your presentation. Most tongs have micro-serrations to improve their stability and grip.

Plating Wedges

These come with a pre-cut edge. They are primarily used for smearing soft ingredients, like cream and sauces, on your dishes. They can also be used to create different designs for your baked dishes.

In the end, over 75% of restaurants close down within their first year in operation primarily due to poor decisions. Most owners concentrate their efforts on choosing the best décor, appliances, and furniture for their restaurants while forgetting small but vital tools. The given tools might not appear to have much of an impact on your business’s bottom line. They will, however, prove crucial in the creation of outstanding food displays, which will keep your customers happy and coming back for more.