Investing in the hospitality sector seems like a reliable option for making loads of cash. With the rise in trade among several countries and states, people are always travelling for business. Moreover, people are keen on their relaxation nowadays, and they are taking vacations to relax and experience new things. You should remember that these travelers are looking for a home away from their home in your hospitality establishment.

Aiming for the highest level of comfort is, therefore, important regardless of your establishment’s star rating.

When shopping for supplies for your hotel in Australia and other countries, pay attention to your bed linen. For some people, this includes one or two sheets, a mattress, and a duvet. These are undoubtedly functional, but they exude a stark commercial look rather than a comfortable home-like atmosphere.

The following are the bedding types that should form your inventory for bed linen.

Top and Bottom Sheets

The top sheet for your bed is also known as a flat sheet. This is the one that will separate the quilt, blanket, or comforter from the person using the bed. You can use the top sheet in combination with a duvet cover. The bottom sheet is a fitted one that has an elastic edge and fits over your mattress. Nowadays, bottom sheets are thicker for enhanced comfort. Before investing in one, have the exact measurements of your mattress to ensure that the sheet fits it perfectly.



These are used to add warmth to your bed. Though some people prefer using a blanket alone, others top it with a duvet, comforter, or quilt for extra warmth. The blanket is made of microfiber plush, polyesters, wool, cotton, or a blend of different fibers.


These are bed covers with sewn sides containing a down or fiber stuffing for warmth. They are the most common bed toppers for hotels and come in several styles, colors, and patterns and can be used as the primary decorative accent in your room. Comforters are made of polyester or cotton.


Duvet Covers

Duvets closely resemble comforters. Unlike the latter, however, they are solid white and only have down stuffing and need a cover. A duvet cover is used to encase and protect your duvets and feature an opening for inserting the duvet and a zipper for enclosing it. The covers generally come in several styles and patterns to suit your room’s decor. You can even use the duvet covers as your bedding’s top sheet.


This is a decorative element that neither touches the floor nor covers the pillows. The two main types of coverlets are quilts and woven coverlets that are typically placed on the top spread of the bed and act as decorative accents. They are generally found at the foot of a bed and are used as foot runners.

Other than the above, you will need decorative, bolster, and euro pillows, along with pillow covers to complete your bedroom accessories. You might consider getting all the above bed linen an overkill. You should, however, remember that having them even in storage is better than turning down a guest’s request for them.

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