Multipurpose or multi-functional spaces are usually commercial spaces that can be used in a variety of ways. They can serve various functions, depending on the need of the hour. They make much better use of space than traditional architecture. They are more efficient because they are dual-use. They can contribute to better city planning and community growth as they have the ability to bring together diverse groups of people. To have a successful multi-use space that truly contributes to community building, it is important to carefully plan out the space.


These are an excellent example of spaces that can be added in later to already established commercial spaces. They are cheap to operate, and they can be installed by a landscaping company any time after your building is built. Whether you decide to add a garden to your rooftop or build one by converting an unused parking space, it can be beneficial to your business by attracting more customers. You are able to add a space where different people can come together for outdoor events. Gardens also have enormous potential for creativity. They can incorporate nature and art, and they often contain installations such as statues and fountains.


Recently becoming more popular, a conservatory is an elegant touch to your commercial space that is already being used as an event venue. Reputable contractors for event venues and conservatories can help you add this luxurious touch, which you can use for multiple purposes such as holding conferences, weddings, parties, and corporate lunches. They are large and light-filled, setting the mood for an ideal summer location. They command serious thought, without being too imposing or boring. Combined with a natural feature such as a garden or greenhouse, a conservatory can be used effectively all year round.

Open spaces

These can mean a variety of architectural features. Generally, courtyards are a good example of an open space, which is also used in a number of different ways by multiple demographics. The functions of courtyards are numerous. They help bring people together by serving as an event space for events such as outdoor concerts, fundraisers, and other social events. They are also a smart decision when it comes to energy efficiency as they serve to keep buildings cool in summer.


Adding a walkway to your building is a great way to instill a sense of adventure in your architecture, while at the same time improving functionality by leading to better navigation within spaces. You can use a walkway to add a shortcut between spaces or build bridges between adjoining buildings. Although structurally they are slightly more complex to put in than a garden, they are very efficient and useful if built right.These are only a few examples of mix-use additions to your already established commercial space. There is no barrier to how creative you can get with such spaces as they can be made from anything that inspires. Whether you repurpose an existing space or decide to combine art and nature, it is always a good idea to expand the range of your building.

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