Delivery men unloading the truckMoving out can be an overwhelming experience emotionally. Ensure you do not suffer through unnecessary costs and additional physical and mental stressors by adopting the services of a professional moving company. You can get free moving quotations so you are prepared for expenses and are better able to budget your move.

Getting Rid of Things You Don’t Want

It is a waste of time, energy, and supplies to pack things you do not want or need. Keeping items you don’t need increases the amount of stuff you have to pack and will make it more difficult to unpack when you get to your destination. Things you don’t have use for can be further separated into those to be donated, recycled, or thrown away. Taking the time to organize and plan ahead will be worth it in the long run.

Loading the Moving Truck

Large and Heavy Items

Large and heavy items should be moved and loaded into the van first. These include items and appliances that need more than two people to move, like the stove, washing machine, dishwasher, and refrigerator. They need to be loaded into the far end of the truck, against the wall closest to the cab. Make sure they are kept upright and heavy items are balanced on both sides of the truck. Boxes large and heavy should be loaded up next as they can be placed on top of the appliances and furniture.

Padding from truck rental agents can help protect the wood surfaces and corners of furniture. In addition, padding protection makes it easier to load heavy pieces of furniture onto the truck.

Long Items

Long items like box springs, mattresses, sofas, table-tops, headboards, and mirrors should be loaded next. Lay these items next to the longer side walls of the truck to save space and allow them to remain upright. Mattress covers can prevent your bed and sofa from ripping and tearing during the move.

Roll-up your carpets and put other long items like ski, poles, lamp bases, and lamp parts inside. Consider stuffing linens and sheets into both ends of the carpet before taping your carpet and carpet’s ends closed. This saves space and prevents items inside the carpet from falling out during the move.

Light and Fragile Items

Fragile shipment being sealedLighter boxes should be placed on top of heavier ones and stacked to the top of the truck. Soft and crushable items like bags full of bedding, linens, and clothing can fill the space between the top of the boxes and the truck’s ceiling.

Awkwardly shaped and fragile items should be one of the last things loaded onto the truck. You should ensure they do not move or fall during transport. Fragile items in boxes can be stored in spaces like those underneath tables, desks, and chairs.

Load up smaller items that do not contain anything fragile last. These include bags with clothes, blankets, towels, and linen. Other items like shoes, hangers, and garage tools can fill the empty spaces of a truck.

Plan and prepare your moving, packing, and truck loading strategy ahead of time to ensure you are less stressed on moving day.

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