The act of moving out of a house focuses on packing and shipping boxes. There are more things to do besides those. These are things that will also help the next owner of the house have a smooth experience of moving in.

Get Rid of What Is Not Needed

You have made up your mind of what to pack and what to get rid of. There will surely be a pile of things left that are of no practical value. Your house and garage might be full of these items. Calling a professional service to handle rubbish clearance is the key for you to get rid of them. You might be wondering what to do with a tattered carpet or a piece of broken furniture or appliance.

The good news is that your clearance team will know what to do. These services are environmentally friendly. They find ways to reuse or repurpose items. Getting rid of all these things will make the next owner relieved. Nobody would want to be greeted with broken things as they open the house and garage.

Take Care of the Mailing Address

When moving out, be sure to notify important agencies or companies of the change in the address. This includes government agencies, financial institutions, social clubs and memberships, and other subscriptions. This way, you are sure that you will receive all the important documents. Also, you will save the new owners piles of mail that they do not know where to forward to.


Leave the House Keys and Garage Opener

Speaking of opening the house and garage, be sure to collect all keys from family members. Then, leave them with your landlord or real estate agent. Most new owners also have experiences of not being able to open the garage. The garage opener is often packed by the previous owners. Also, there are instances that it is left inside the garage. As the outgoing owner of the house, you must be mindful of these small things. When not done properly, it can pose inconveniences to the new owners.

Do One Last Sweep

When all the boxes have been moved out, make another round of cleaning in each room of the house. This will usually consist of sweeping and mopping the floor. It will also serve as the last check for each room. As you clean every room, make sure that all windows and doors are closed. You may also look at all cabinets and cupboards to make sure that you have not left anything behind. Coming to a new house that is clutter- and dust-free will save the new owners’ time. It would help them focus on solely unpacking their boxes.

Write a Warm Welcome

This is going the extra mile. Before closing the doors to your home for the last time, you may opt to leave a note for the new owner. A message of warm welcome will be appreciated. You may also give special instructions. An example is a technique on how to open a window on the second floor that sometimes gets stuck. Recommendations of good sitters or cleaners may also help a clueless new homeowner.

Moving out does not only mean having your things reach a new destination. It also means taking care of everything in your previous home. In doing so, you have also given much consideration to the next owners of your old home.


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