Cars have been around for ages. When heading out to get a new one, you might settle for the cheapest one your dealer has so long as it moves and can get you from point A to B. While there is nothing wrong with this choice, you might not benefit from the new technologies in vehicle manufacturing.

One of the most advanced technologies in car manufacturing nowadays centers on its safety. If you want to benefit from the highest safety levels, your best bet is to consider an Audi for sale instead of cars from other manufacturers.

The Audi manufacturing plant has some of the latest safety technologies that will guarantee optimal safety when using its products. Here are the most recent vehicle safety technologies.

Autonomous Emergency Braking

Your attention might wander time and again, but this will prove fatal when driving. Thankfully, there are now independent emergency brakes that have inbuilt sensors. These will detect the proximity of any obstacles in front of your vehicle.

If the barrier is within a pre-determined unsafe distance, your car will apply the autonomous brakes. This will minimize the impact of your crash or even prevent it altogether if you are driving at a low speed.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Most drivers will not maintain a safe distance between their vehicle and others moreover when they are in a hurry. The adaptive cruise control safety feature employs forward sensor technology.

This helps your car maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front based on your chosen speed. If the vehicle in front slows, then yours automatically follows suit and vice versa. With the adaptive cruise control, the risks of being involved in a fender bender are significantly minimized.

Blind Spot Detection

driving a car

Most people will crane their necks to monitor the roads on either side of their vehicles and see if it is safe to enter or exit a highway. There is, however, no level of neck craning that will replicate the visibility offered by a blind spot detector. This will monitor your road on either side and generate a visual warning if there is a car in your blind spot.

Electronic Stability Control

Skidding marks one of the major causes of accidents in wet conditions. The electronic stability control feature on new cars detects the possibility of a skid and works to avert its significant effects. It will do this by controlling your vehicle’s brakes and engines.

Adaptive Headlights

Blinding headlights have been cited as one of the causative elements for accidents at night and in poor visibility weather conditions. With adaptive headlights, these are nothing to worry you.

The headlights will turn their beams in the direction in front of your car and adapt to your steering direction. This way, you can safely drive around curves and hills in poor visibility.

Road accidents are responsible for a considerable number of deaths annually. With the above features, your chances of being a statistic in road accident fatalities will be significantly minimized.

The new vehicle models featuring these features might be costly. There is, however, no price you can put on your driving safety.

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