When inviting children to your little one’s birthday party, a simple invitation text may not work. What you should do is to aim at getting them excited so that they will want to come to the event and celebrate with your dearest kid.

While a simple plain card will get the message across, putting in some extra effort and customizing the card will get the little ones all hyped up. Try adding the following fun design elements in the cards to boost your kid’s birthday party attendance.

Incorporate the Theme

Before you get to make the cards, you have most likely already agreed on what theme the event will take. To give the kids a clue on the same, use some creative ways to incorporate it on the card’s design. For example, if you are having a mermaid themed party, use a mermaid stamp to emboss its image on the card and color it in a way that makes the mermaid the focal point.

You can also have your kid pose in a mermaid costume and print the picture on the card. Another option is to have a mermaid as the background image for the text. Doing this will help the kids get ready for the event early enough and pick outfit that match the theme.

Use Creative Fold Patterns

In most cases, cards come in simple two-fold patterns. To capture the attention of the young guests, go a little further. Kids will identify with different shapes depending on their age. Settle for an appropriate one and use folding patterns to develop magnificent shapes and layered cards. You can also try using exploding cards.

Use Fluorescent Material

Kids love bright things. They will surely appreciate glow-in-the-dark art. Use special fluorescent material on the cards and blend it in with the design’s typography. You can also combine the glow with some countdown element so that the kids can keep track of the time remaining until the event happens. If you cannot get the material, use glow-in-the-dark pencils to write a message on the card.

Add Videos

colorful envelopes

Everyone loves videos and so do children. But how do you add videos on a paper card? First, create a video using your mobile phone. Let it focus on the fun elements of the event and add any necessary information not mentioned on the card. Have the birthday boy or girl tell their peers what to expect and what fun activities await them.

Once the video is ready, use online software to add the videos as QR codes. With this in place, parents can help the recipients watch the video by scanning the code using their phone.

You can use birthday invitation cards targeting kids to offer a little more than details on the event. These cards can communicate the theme, act as a reminder, and serve as entry tickets, as well. Adding some extra purpose by customizing them will keep all the children excited and make them look forward to attending your kid’s birthday party.

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