Concrete flooring

If you have a brick, concrete or stone paved driveway or patio, you understand that maintaining it is important. Proper maintenance guarantees longevity and keeps the aesthetic appeal of your home.

If you have a busy schedule, however, giving your hardscape maximum attention might not be possible. But if you apply a sealant, you would cut down maintenance work significantly. Why should you seal concrete?

It Improves Appearance

Sealing gives your driveway or patio a shiny and glossy finish. Since it would help maintain the natural colors of your stones, your paving would stand out in a good way. Sealing would also block harmful UV rays, meaning that it would maintain its color for long.

Understand that your paving would only keep its clean look if the stones are high quality. This means you should hire concrete sidewalk pavers in Kansas City to replace any broken and faded stones before sealing.

It Offers Protection From Water

Rainwater is harmful to concrete paving. When water seeps through it, it usually forms puddles underneath. These puddles cause frost heaves and cracks. Since sealants withstand harsh weather, they prevent rainwater from entering through stone joints. If you live in a locality prone to regular snowing, a sealer helps lock out moisture. It prevents the damage that freezing and thawing can cause.

It Inhibits Mold

Owing to its porous nature, concrete absorbs moisture. If the moisture does not dry up, it creates mold. Keeping your concrete dry manually would be demanding in time and money. If you seal it, however, you would protect it against moisture automatically. This means that you will inhibit mold growth.

It is true that cleaning mold is still an option. However, in most cases, clearing the discoloration that it causes is tricky. Sealing also takes care of weeds that grow in paving joints.

It Protects Against Contaminants

Diesel fuel, brake fluid, dirty motor oil, vegetable oil and even red wine can stain your concrete. If you would like to keep your stones pristine, it is important to apply a sealer. If you supply a film forming sealer, for instance, it will provide a glossy barrier on the surface. Before choosing any sealer for such a role, ensure that it is stain and oil resistant.

It Improves the Value of Your Home

Concrete pavement

Paving stones improve the appearance of a home. If they are in poor condition, however, they can affect its value significantly. Sealing them helps prevent damage by weather change, mildew, staining and fading.

If they remain in pristine condition, it improves the aesthetics of your driveways, pathways and patio. This means that your overall home would be outstanding, which helps increase its value.

You would only enjoy the benefits that sealers offer if you choose the right product and apply it right. You should decide what would work best between water-based and solvent sealers. Water-based sealers work best for concrete with sand joints because they harden the joint sand. Solvent-based ones darken the concrete. They also give your stones a higher gloss. If you are uncertain of the sealer to choose, consulting a reliable home improvement expert is advisable.

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