Recruitment Just like any other story, the process of hiring competent people to fill competitive job posts has two sides. If you are an applicant, there is the fear of missing job vacancies worthy of your skill set. If you are a human resource professional, there is the challenge of finding applicants with the right skills to fill your vacant finance job post.

KennedyPearce Consulting Ltd explains that this is where finance recruitment agencies come in.

Recruitment agencies exist to accelerate the hiring process. By streamlining the steps involved, the recruitment experts that make up these hiring bodies are able to place the right person in the right job. Whether full-time or temporary, administrative or executive post, recruitment agencies can help you get your ideal job or employee.

Benefits to Employers

Despite new trends in the hiring process, such as social networking and job boards, recruitment agencies as an industry continue to thrive, and that is for obvious reasons. For one, if you are familiar with the process, hiring involves the use of sufficient budget or resources. More often, it is more cost-efficient (both money and time-wise) to choose from an agency’s existing shortlist of candidates as opposed to starting from scratch.

As an employer, you can benefit from a recruitment agency’s extensive reach, market knowledge, access to competent candidates, and sustained branding.

Benefits to Job Hunters

If you are currently active on the job market, working with a recruitment agency gives you an advantage. It gives you broad exposure while removing the risk of your wasting time with irrelevant job opportunities. For instance, if you are an expert in finance, you can work with finance recruitment agencies and be as specific as you want to be in your job hunt. Moreover, the recruitment consultants you get to work with become part of your network.

Recruitment is no easy task. The same goes with job hunting. This is why recruitment agencies exist – to bridge the gap and make the process less complicated.

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