Back in 2017, Selena Gomez opened up about her health and how at one point, it took a turn for the worse because of her autoimmune condition, Lupus. It has caused her kidneys to fail at a young age of 24 and would require a transplant.

Her best friend came to the rescue and gave the singer-actress a new chance in life. Like Selena Gomez, a lot of people battling kidney problems understand the struggle of waiting for a kidney, finally having the procedure, and holding their breaths to see how their new kidney and life will turn out.

Post kidney transplant treatment and care are very crucial. It will determine not just how long your new kidney will function properly and survive, but also your overall health. But a kidney transplant does not mean that you are cured. It is rather a treatment for your condition, and it pays to make the most of this new chance that you are given.

Living a healthy life after a kidney transplant is possible. Below are some things to expect to help you adjust to this new life easily.

Immunosuppressant plays a very crucial role

The human body is designed to fight off anything that is not “homegrown”. A transplanted kidney, is, unfortunately, one of it. So people who have had kidney transplants have to be in immunosuppressant medication their whole lives to avoid rejection of the new kidney.

This medication lowers the body’s immune system to prevent it from fighting off the new kidney. This medication has to be taken regularly to prevent complications from happening. One missed dosage of immunosuppressant can cause complications in the body or worse, even rejection.

Exercise and proper diet are necessary

Healthy bowl of food

Exercise and a proper diet can help balance your body’s overall health and nutritional needs. Forming an exercise regimen with the help of your physician will do a lot of wonders to your body. Food restrictions will also be lessened as compared to pre-transplant days.

But, of course, salty, fatty, and sugary foods should still be avoided to prevent complications. In short, moderation is the key to enjoy the new life that you are given.

Work, travel and social life can be back to normal

One can easily get back to work after a few weeks provided that there is a go signal from your physician. Having friends, going to different places, or simply driving around town is also something possible. The only difference this time is before pushing through with such activities, it is important to always consult with your physician.

Personal awareness and discipline are important

Doctor prescribing pills to a patient

You of all people should be aware of your needs and limitations as a transplant patient. It takes a lot of discipline to adjust to this new life, but it is something that is doable. Also, wearing tags and identification (i.e., necklace or bracelets) that states that you are a transplant patient and with the contact details of your family and physician are necessary in case of emergencies.

Enjoy your new lease in life by properly managing your situation. The more you know about your life as a transplant patient, the better you will enjoy the journey.

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