Do you love spending your weekend pruning shrubs, cutting grass, and planting flowers in your garden? If yes, then you know that for you to be able to do all of these, you need to have the necessary gardening tools and equipment. And if you want your tools to last, you need to keep them clean and safe.

Most homeowners tend to just keep their tools in the garage. Unfortunately, the garage is not the best place to store your garden implements, primarily because the space is already full. You have in there your car, bicycle, automotive tools, barbecue grill, and other whatnots.

You need a separate space for all your garden equipment. And a garden shed, complete with small outdoor storage units, is the best option for this.

Keeping Your Gardening Tools

You need to store your tools in a safe, dry place to keep them from rusting and keep them in good condition for many years. A traditional tool shed can be as small as 4’x4’ and as large as 8’x12’. There should be space along the walls to hang some equipment, like your rake, shovel, and loppers. Meanwhile, place your hand tools on shelves and park the lawnmower in the middle of the shed.

But first, are your garden implements complete? Here is a list of the gardening equipment every home gardener should have.

Garden Hose

Used for watering the plants and grass, it should be long enough to reach the far corners of your garden. It can also have a sprinkler attachment, a coupler to attach it to another length of hose, or a nozzle to control the flow of water.

Gardening Gloves

This is a necessary protection for the skin to prevent any injury. An open wound while working with soil is dangerous, and may even necessitate a tetanus shot.

Garden Secateurs

Hand pruners or secateurs are multi-purpose implements, which are useful in pruning flowering plants, fruit trees, and vines. There are different sizes of secateurs for better comfort and convenience.

Hand Trowel

This is a small handheld spade that is used to dig through the soil, especially between plants. This is useful for planting or replanting seedlings.


There are several types of hoes, and their use depends on the type of soil and plants in a garden. It can be used to dig between plant beds or make a trench for the irrigation.


The garden-variety wheelbarrow has only one wheel, but some users prefer the ball-wheeled wheelbarrow. This is essential for moving soil, dirt, and debris away from the garden, as well as bringing garden soil and sod for planting.

Spades and Shovels

For garden use, the spade is preferred over the shovel. The pointed blade gives the spade an edge when digging through the soil. This is a necessary implement when the soil has to be moved from a trench or a flowerbed, among other things.


Gardener raking fall leaves in garden

Raking leaves, dry grass, and waste is part of the daily gardening chore. The rake is a long-handled implement, which is useful for clearing a relatively large swath of dried leaves.

Garden Knife

This multipurpose equipment can be used in any situation. It can be used instead of a trowel or a pruning shears. It is also used in cutting flowers, vegetables, or fruits from the branch or stem.


This curious-looking implement is stuck into the earth to create space to plant seeds.

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