Every office has a certain culture. Some offices like to talk about office rumors. Some are into economics and politics. Some are into child-rearing and family. Then there are those whose employees talk about sport nonstop. The problem is when you don’t know an iota about sport but you want to be part of the office talk. You don’t want to be an outcast, of course, so you want to learn as much as you can about sports topics.

Read up About Sport

If you want to learn about rugby, you can do so by reading a rugby magazine or any books that delve into the sport and the personalities behind it. You should look into biographies because they usually refer to the events leading to the success of a sports personality. For example, legendary basketball coach Phil Jackson’s biography entitled “Eleven Rings” discusses the intricacies of sport and the characters of legends such as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. When you read a biography, it will give you an insight into how coaches draw up plays and how team management makes decisions. These are the elements of sport that you cannot learn from watching a game.

Ask Question

Position yourself as an amateur in the office and ask your coworkers questions about the sport, athletes, games, and many other things. Believe it or not, sports enthusiasts like to talk about sport all the time. They can go on and on about a certain NBA guard or why his play is out of this world. They can “prove” that a certain player is the greatest of all time by spouting off figures, percentages, and rankings. They won’t feel bad about you asking questions nonstop. They would want to talk about it, so ask as many questions as you want. That being said, you should at least have some rudimentary knowledge about the basics of the sport. You should be able to understand what a foul is in basketball or a penalty in football.

Join a Fantasy League


If you find that you’re really interested in a particular type of sport, why don’t you join a fantasy league with your friends? This way, you’ll gain more knowledge and experience with sport. The talk will be more interesting since you now have a stake on what happens in the league. You can talk about injuries, trades, salary caps, and many more. This is a safe and entertaining way to bond with your officemates.

Play It

There’s no better way to understand sport than to play it. If you can, schedule a game of pickup with your friends. You’ll learn something new every time you try it. Playing the sport will give you a newfound appreciation and respect for those who do it for a living. You might think that it’s easy for Lebron James to do a dunk, but you’ll find out soon enough that it’s not. It takes years of practice and dedication just to do it perfectly.

Trying out these strategies will allow you to connect better with your sport-crazy coworkers. Who knows, you might even find yourself immersing more into sport and falling in love with it.

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