office space with landscaping outsideProperty landlords in South Florida could take advantage of a growing demand for Class B offices through landscaping, especially now that sustainable properties have become more popular.

Office owners in other parts of the state should also consider commercial landscaping services. In Jacksonville, for instance, some companies offer different types of landscaping work. Note that well-landscaped commercial properties could allow you to ask for up to 7% increase in leasing rates, according to the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

Office Absorption

The growing demand for Class B offices has manifested through around 209,000 square feet of office absorption in South Florida during the third quarter. A report showed that the increase in take-up eventually led prices to increase up to $32.87 per foot, from around $31 per foot.

Medical groups comprised the biggest occupants of mid- and large-size leasing transactions, so it’s best for landlords to incorporate green landscaping into their commercial establishments.

Sustainable Trends

NALP said that some of the current sustainable landscaping trends include the ability of buildings to adapt to unpredictable weather. Instead of protecting it against nature, landscaping experts suggest a landscape that has a natural way of rehabilitating itself from the adverse effects of bad weather.

It’s also a good idea to include an outdoor office, which is a criterion for some companies. Employers have become more active in choosing unique designs for their workspaces, as surveys indicate that workers tend to be more productive when there are alternatives ways to do their jobs.

The actual rate of return from landscaping will depend on the type of service, so consider if adding walkways and bike paths would be more profitable than adding outdoor workspaces. Whether or not you intend to charge higher rates, a well-landscaped building adds significant value to the property.

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