Are you always dreaming of a big yard? Be careful what you wish for. Big yards may look good from the outside, but homeowners who have to deal with that large swath of empty land know very well how difficult it can be to remove weeds, trim the grass, plant shrubs and flowers, and maintain a yard that looks clean and pristine.

If you have a big yard, the one thing that you must have in your arsenal is an ATV sprayer. This machine will keep things easy for you as it can be used to spray the grass with water during summer. It uses environmentally friendly fertilizers for healthier-looking grass.

Still, the biggest problems posed by large yards are the general upkeep that goes with having that large space like your backyard. Here are some tips for low-maintenance landscape:

Install a Patio, Deck, or Swimming Pool

This option is the most expensive out of the list, but it is also the best thing that you can do with a large backyard. You can install a patio, deck, or swimming pool where your guests can gather from time to time. How fun it is to have a barbecue party in summer. The best thing about hardscaping your backyard is that hardscaped areas are easier to maintain than a garden.

All you need to do for a hardscaped area such as a patio or deck is to remove the dust and dirt that occasionally come from having an outdoor space, clean the furniture (usually lounge chairs), and cover the pool when not in use.

Create Multiple Outdoor Areas

If you really have a large area, try to experiment with different outdoor living areas such as a gazebo, some reading nooks, a meditation deck, a putting green, a fire pit, or even an outdoor movie theater. Some of these areas may be for private use, while others can be used to entertain guests.

If you’re spending this much on your outdoor area, you can even rent it out to people who need a place to hold events such as wedding receptions, engagement parties, and birthdays. This way, you can have your money back in no time since venue rentals cost thousands of dollars.

Put a Synthetic Grass Lawn

Grass Lawn

Are you thinking of having a Forest Gump kind of a lawn? Doesn’t a large lawn with lush greenery look especially good and delightful? If you love the idea of a huge lawn with nothing but all well-trimmed grass but are afraid of a high water bill, an artificial grass lawn may be your thing.

This is a great idea to cover your lawn with a low-maintenance landscaping feature that requires no watering, pruning, fertilizing, weeding, or mowing. Artificial grass is great for a lot of functions since it can withstand heavy traffic, including parked vehicles. You can convert your lawn into a football field, a play area for your kids and pets, or an outdoor entertainment area for various events.

Before diving head-on to a landscaping project, draw up a plan that will list down the cost of the project and its various pros and cons. Choose a low-maintenance landscaping project that you can afford and that can benefit the whole family. A large yard isn’t a disadvantage as long as you know the right way to maintain it.

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