happy and healthy kids playing on the park during a sunny afternoonProactive parenting means not just handling coughs and colds as they come, but knowing more about the telltale signs of serious health issues your little ones are at risk of.

Here are some childhood diseases to watch out for.

Whooping Cough

This bacterial infection attacks the lungs and respiratory tubes. Although you can treat it with antibiotics, this worrisome disease mostly affects babies.

In-patient care by trained hospitalists such as those provided by Emergency Staffing Solutions is necessary particularly after later-stage symptoms start to show including violent, rapid coughs and vomiting.

Fifth Disease

Also known as erythema infectiosum, fifth disease should not be a cause for too much concern. Its symptoms include lace-like rashes on the arms and legs, low fever and a bit of cold. This viral disease is contagious, but thankfully, kids recover from it quickly.


Often caused by parainfluenza virus, croup is the swelling of the airways, which results in a distinctive sounding cough and difficulty in breathing. In severe cases, a parent will have to call 911 and rush the child to the emergency room, but not in all cases.

Scarlet Fever

There was a time when this disease was fatal, but thankfully, doctors can now treat it with antibiotics. Scarlet fever follows an infection of the throat or skin, which, if left unmanaged, can cause complications like abscesses in the throat and even kidney disease.

The symptoms include a very red and sore throat and sandpaper rash on the skin.

Kawasaki Disease

Unfortunately for Asian children, they are more prone to Kawasaki disease than other ethnicities.  It is also more common among young boys.  Conjunctivitis or red eyes, prolonged fever and peeling skin might be signs of Kawasaki disease, which is an inflammation of the blood vessels throughout the body.

The good news is that it is easily treatable. Prompt medical attention will prevent long-term health issues like heart problems.

You cannot completely eradicate the possibility of exposure to viruses and bacteria, but keeping your environment clean, teaching kids to wash their hands, and social distancing can help keep them away from sickness.

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