Children having fun in a kiddie partyEvery parent aspires for a fun and memorable birthday party for their children. Planning a kiddie party can be tedious and expensive, especially if you’re planning to invite many guests. Stick to a budget and ensure that the party goes well by planning for the following in advance.


When choosing a place, think about your budget first. Function rooms and indoor play areas typically charge higher when rented on the weekend. For parents with a tight budget, consider renting a community pavilion or having the party at home. Other aspects to consider are the number of guests, accessibility, and availability of the venue. Make sure it can accommodate children and adults comfortably.

Printed Matter

Invitations, tarpaulins, name tags, and other printed collateral should be final at least two months before the party. Don’t forget to include the following details on your invitation: full name of the child, date and venue of the party, dress code, and a RSVP. Send them out immediately to have an estimated headcount of guests weeks before the event.


People attend parties not only to celebrate but also to eat. Make sure that no guests go unfed by hiring a caterer in advance. Set a budget for every attendee and don’t forget to include cake and beverages on your list of food expenses. If you want something more special, you can hire food vendors instead. Veggie dips, popcorn, pizza, corn-dog, sushi rolls, potato fries, and a provider of ice cream for wholesale like Bon Bon in Salt Lake City are just some party delicacies that children and adults will enjoy.


Entertainment can be tricky when planning a kiddie party. Apart from projectors and sound systems, you also need to get someone who can entertain kids. Clowns, magicians, and mascots are just some of the many options, but remember that booking them for an hour or two will cost you. If you are following a tight budget, it’s better to prepare party games that you or a relative can host.

Deciding on a birthday theme months before your baby’s birthday can help you prepare in advance. Be organized and work with reliable suppliers for a memorable children’s party.

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