One simple thing married couples should never take for granted in their relationship is romantic dates. It’s easy to forget this tiny detail given the domestic concerns that rule over most marriages:  children, mortgage payments, utility bills, and loans.

When you get caught up with all of these and forget to spend time with your spouse, you’d realize you’re growing apart sooner or later. Sadly, many couples only realize the importance of spending time together only when it’s too late. Here are some excellent ideas for your next date at any budget.

Relatively Inexpensive

If your household budget allows for a bit of spending on dates, eat out. Go on a food crawl downtown. To give it a creative flair, you can have a theme for the month or the week. For instance, this week, you could explore pasta dishes. Next week, you could go on a breakfast date.

Once you’ve tried all the restaurants in your locale, go out of town. If you like eating at breakfast restaurants, Mesa can be your next stop. There are lots of excellent dining places there that you could try.

Another inexpensive idea is to go to a thrift store and shop for each other. With only $50 on hand and an hour on the clock, pick out a head-to-toe outfit for your spouse. Make it a fun time for both of you.

Really Expensive

You could also plan or one big trip abroad. Surveys show that traveling can strengthen relationships further for many reasons. For one, getting to your destination becomes your common goal, and that encourages you to communicate more with each other.

You discuss the itinerary. You ask where your partner wants to go. You negotiate things you want to explore in another country. With this constant communication, you get to know your partner more. So, if you have the budget for it, prioritize travelling together. Explore the world with your spouse by your side.

Absolutely Free

couple wearing sunnies

You don’t have to break the bank when spending time together. There are lots of ways you can enjoy each other’s company without pulling a dollar from your pocket. For one, you can plan a game night at home. Bring out your old cards and board games, prepare some chips and drinks, and catch up on what you’re doing without talking about the daily concerns.

Of course, there’s also the good, old curling up to a nice romantic movie, while feasting on wine and cheese. Turn on your mood lighting and enjoy the conversation.

If you want to be more adventurous, go on a hike or camp in the woods. A quick search online can give you some good trail recommendations. It’s best to do this early morning so that you can catch the sunrise. That would make for Instagrammable pics, for sure.

Keep the Romance Alive

Married life has many challenges, and planning a date night is only one of them. It might seem a simple thing that can improve your life as a married couple. Keep the romance alive at any budget.

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