Green water tankRust and corrosion are two of the biggest enemies of metal. While they are two different chemical processes, they result in the same problem: material degradation. And while rust itself does not pose health hazards, it contains the chemical called ferric oxide, which in some cases, can be quite harmful.

One of the many components of your home that can develop these issues is the water tank, which supplies you with your daily water requirements, including consumption. Since this directly impacts your health, it is vital to ensure your tank remains rust- and corrosion-free. Understanding how these types of metal degradation occur can help you create an effective maintenance plan, while also making you realise the importance of working with a corrosion control specialist like Euro-Blast NZ Ltd.

Rusting: A look into this chemical process

Whether you have a steel or an iron water tank, it can succumb to rust over time because it regularly comes into contact with water and oxygen. These two elements are the essential components that allow rusting to occur. Remember: oxygen accounts for about 21% of air composition, which means that your tank is always at risk of rusting. The good news is, there are ways to get rid of rust that has already developed as well as prevent it from happening again and even worsening. Surface preparation and cleaning in the form of sandblasting is one such strategy.

Corrosion and the disintegrating impact

Anything that reacts with the external environment will deteriorate over time. Structural deterioration happens in metals, which means that they break down into smaller pieces. When the break down occurs at an atomic level, what you have is corrosion. Improper use and lack of maintenance can hasten this process in your water tank. The by products of corrosion will then mix with the water, causing contamination.

Rusting and corrosion do not only cause your water tank to break down prematurely; they can also cause health concerns. For this reason, you should not delay having corrosion removal specialists attend to your water tank.

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