Old car being lifted and ready to be soldCars are not infinite. At some point, you need to retire it and get a new one. What you don’t know, though, is when to do it. You have various options with old and damaged vehicles than letting them sit in the garage and gather dust. You can sell the good parts to used car parts dealers or to scrap metal exporters who can give you a good deal for the entire body of the vehicle. Consider saying goodbye to your ride when:

Insurance companies will no longer cover it

Although New Zealand doesn’t require you to have an auto insurance policy, a general liability coverage is highly recommended. Before you can get one, insurers will assess if your vehicle is fit to drive. If you can’t have an okay from insurers, it means your vehicle may be deemed irreparable and needs to retire.

You cannot have a warrant of fitness

A warrant of fitness (WoF) is proof your vehicle is safe to use. To obtain it, a specialist should be able to inspect your vehicle based on certain guidelines. If you pass the check-up, then you will receive a label, which you should display on your vehicle. If you fail, you need to know the problem, fix it, and go through the process again. If you’ve failed the test multiple times, it’s high time to consider getting a new one.

It’s totalled

While nobody wants to experience vehicle accidents, they do happen. If you have insurance, you can use the money to repair it and make it compliant for road use. There are situations, however, when the wreck is so serious the insurance claim is not possible to cover the entire cost of repair.

The cost of car ownership in New Zealand isn’t exactly cheap, so you want to make sure you can maximise your vehicle’s lifespan.

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