Woman pursuing her professional driving career with her instructorThere are currently more than 200 million licensed drivers in the US. People drive to school, work or anywhere they want to go.

While waiting for a call from your professional driver staffing agency, expert Centerline Drivers suggests you learn about these fascinating facts about driving in general.

Fuel-Efficient Driving

  • You can reduce your gas mileage by 33% if you drive in an aggressive manner on the highway; some 5% around town.
  • When you drive at a speed of more than 60mph, your car may become less fuel-efficient.
  • Avoid car problems that reduce fuel efficiency by having regular tune-ups.
  • You can improve fuel efficiency if you use your car’s cruise control feature on the highway.
  • Keep your tires well inflated. It will help improve fuel efficiency by as much as 3%.
  • If you use your manufacturer’s recommended motor oil grade, you can increase your mileage by around 2%.
  • Load an extra 100lbs in your car to lower your mileage by as much as 2%.
  • Do not load the roof rack on your vehicle. It will help reduce your fuel efficiency by as much as 5%.
  • Combine smaller errands into a single long trip. This way, you will only use around half of the fuel you will need for numerous short trips.

Weird Driving Laws

  • If you are in Alabama, you cannot drive blindfolded.
  • In WV, you are allowed to scavenge road kill.
  • In Glendale, CA, you cannot jump out of a car running at 65mph.
  • NJ law requires honking before passing.
  • No one is allowed to drive through playgrounds in Dublin, GA.
  • In University City, MO, you cannot honk somebody else’s car.
  • You cannot play in traffic if you are in Dunn, NC.
  • You are not allowed to keep trash in your vehicle if you are in Hilton Head, SC.
  • Police will cite you for misdemeanor if you swear from a car in Rockville, MD.

These driving facts are not only interesting and fun. They may also come in handy in one of your road trips.

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