A real good night’s sleep begins with a well-designed bedroom, conducive to comfort and relaxation. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to achieve this task. If you’re continually waking up more tired than rested even after lots of sleep, below are some easy decorating tips to get you the sleep you so desperately need.

Ban Bright Lights in The Bedroom

A relaxing bedroom conducive to rest and sleep is one that’s dark or bathed in soft lighting at least. Purchase dimmer switches that will enable you to control your room’s lighting. You should also reduce light streaming in from outside. You can do this by installing blackout curtains to prevent outside light from interrupting your sleep.

The Position of Your Bed is Vital

To feel centered, balanced, and ready for sleep, position your full-size bed against a wall that faces away from windows, doors, or other openings. This way, you won’t be distracted when trying to sleep.

Calm, Sleepy, and Relaxing Colors are a Must

If possible, opt for muted and quiet colors in your bedroom. This will help you feel more relaxed and comforted as you try to wind down at night. If you’re not that keen on muted hues, you can add some warm and cool neutral shades for balance. Consider soft hues in blue, yellow, green, or peach.

Clutter Be Gone

woman sleeping comfortably

Eliminate clutter to give your mind some rest. Keep in mind that having a messy and cluttered bedroom may have an effect of on you even if you can’t see clutter when your eyes are closed. Get rid of items around or under your bed and things that will distract you like overflowing or open dressers and closets.

Ditch The Electronic Devices

Avoid all sorts of distractions by getting rid of all electronics—TV, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc.—from your bedroom. Keep in mind that you’re looking to craft the perfect spaces for sleep and electronics can easily change the atmosphere in a bedroom. So disconnect yourself at least 30 minutes before sleeping, and you will see real results.

Don’t Forget That Smell is Also Essential

Freshly washes and crisp bedding could make falling asleep easier and more enjoyable. Consider changing your linens once weekly at the least and add in a calming fragrance when you wash them. You can likewise consider good old scented candles or essential oil diffusers if you find fragrance on your sheets too much for your nose to bear.

Let Your Style Shine Through

Who says you can’t design your bedroom according to your aesthetic and still observe the tips above? It is your bedroom, after all. For example, if you don’t like neutrals and you find brighter colors more calming and soothing, then, by all means, go for colors that personally soothe you.

So take sufficient time to craft a sleep-friendly and serene bedroom that will help ensure that you awake each morning well-rested and refreshed. Look to the tips above for inspiration on setting up a bedroom that dreams are made of.

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