College graduation is a momentous event in a young adult’s life. It is time for them to finally set foot in the ‘real world’ after years of studying and preparing for work. Throwing a party for all their efforts, sacrifices and accomplishments is called for after the graduation rites.

But whether it is a big or small party, it should be all about the graduate and what they want. Family and friends can simply help in the preparations of food, decorations and more. If you have relatives coming over, you can request them to bring alcoholic drink gift sets for the graduate. This will be much appreciated and consumed quite easily!

Here are some more ideas to get started on planning a memorable party for your college graduate.


For families preparing the party, you can ask classmates, friends and other close relatives to share photos of the celebrant with them along with a short caption on how they met or their favourite moments together, for instance. Then, make a memory board out of these sentimental anecdotes to remind the celebrant of their happy memories.

A life-sized cut-out of the graduate is also a great party attraction, which will also be a fun conversation piece for the guests. Have them sign this cut-out as a silly keepsake for the graduate later on. Another fun idea for decorating your home or the party venue is to use the celebrant’s university colours. From coloured balloons, table napkins and paper plates, the party can be an exciting reminder of their best days in schools.

Fun and Entertainment

friends clinking glasses of wine

College kids know how to have a great time and enjoy a party. But some people still need a little nudge to warm up. Delegate someone to put together a party music playlist featuring their favourite songs.

Some professionals in the family may also share some life lessons and advice for the new graduate. This can be done straight out or through an organized thought sharing/writing activity for the graduate. If there is a need for games, some suggestions are Graduation mad-libs, Who Am I Charades, beer pong and corn holes.

Photo booths are also a great addition to any party. It is a little old school but it does pique everyone’s interest, and it can be fun to wear props and make silly poses with friends and family. If the graduate keeps an Instax camera, then prepare lots of films so that they can instantly fill a blank photo book with lots of pictures from the graduation party. Also, encourage everyone to share their best photos on Instagram using a dedicated hashtag.

Foods and Drinks

Some graduates spend semesters abroad, and this can be a great theme for preparing the party food and drinks. For instance, serve tacos, burritos, and enchiladas for a Mexican theme, samosa or tandoori for Indian or simply fish and chips for England.

And of course, you can also rent a mobile bar to serve out cocktails and mocktails for all the guests. You may even ask them to create a signature cocktail for the graduate. Just make sure there are enough drink sets that can be mixed and matched.

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