While some brides prefer diamond-studded, pearl-white high heels, some ladies go for Corral wedding boots. And why not? These babies are real head turners. Not to be found lacking in luxury accessories, glitter inlay of different colors, as well as crystals, make these boots stand out. While it is a perfect pair to go with your wedding dress—and not just a Western-themed wedding, this brand of wedding boots will complement any outfit you choose for the day or night.

Some say the Western look and trend is making a comeback, but has it ever really left? From plaids to the cowboy jeans, the rodeo belt with giant buckle and even the Cattleman hat can be seen from movie screens and your local coffee shop.

But how do you successfully pull-off the Western look? It’s simple. Attitude is the answer.

The Cowboy and John Wayne

The cowboy image was largely propagated by Hollywood greats, such as John Wayne and Roy Rogers. Since then, the idea of a cowboy riding off into the sunset after subduing evil has become an image that inspired many young boys back then. Cowboys are portrayed as heroes who will stand for you and defend principles such as honor and loyalty. They oozed courage, independence, and a maverick attitude.

Cowboy Boots

The cowboy’s—or cowgirl’s—signature style is the ubiquitous cowboy boots. Pulling this off requires a delicate balance of fashion sense and attitude. Why? Because cowboys exude confidence. Wear your cowboy boots like you were born in that era. Being self-conscious about your footwear will reduce the positive effect of wearing a pair of cowboy boots.

beautiful girl in style of the countryFurthermore, it gives you style—instantly! Walk into a party in your boots and you’ll be noticed. That’s because cowboy boots can be paired with almost anything. A button down shirt and jeans for him or a dress with a belt for her will do. Cowboy boots are distinct due to the heel height and the shape of the toe (curved or squared). The shape alone speaks volume of the cowboy boot’s long history.

Cowboy boots are shaped for a reason other than aesthetics. The heels would secure the cowboy on his horse by helping to almost lock his foot in the stirrups. Cowboy boots don’t have laces because in case the cowboy falls off, there’s nothing to get caught on the saddle and drag the cowboy.

 Not your first rodeo

So where can you wear your Western-themed outfit? Practically, anywhere. You can wear it when going to church, to a concert, to work, or to a casual gathering with friends. You might want to avoid it during a business meeting (unless you’re an oil magnate or cattle breeder), when making a client presentation, or a vacation where there’s a lot of walking involved.

But the Western theme does not end with the boots. Lifestyle choices vary by region, but is not bound by it. There’s a lot more to explore with a Western-themed lifestyle, and the adventure alone would be worth it. It’s as vast as the Wild, Wild, West.

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