Empty homes are vulnerable targets of thieves, vandals, and trespassers. Losing your expensive AC units, prized jewelry collection, or precious stuff is a disappointing discovery when you get back from a relaxing holiday.

Whether you have to deal with a professional thief or an amateur burglar, filing a lawsuit will take too much of your time and will give you a lot of stress. Court procedures, from process serving to jury trials, are daunting and lengthy. The best thing you can do is to anticipate possible break-ins and secure your property before being away for a long time.

Make your property look occupied

A property that looks vacant encourages burglars to get on a quick shopping spree in your home. Don’t change the arrangements. Keep your home appear as close as its usual look when you are around.

Don’t turn off the lights

It can cut savings on your utility bill, but keeping the inside and outside lights on is an effective way to prevent break-ins. It is best to use automatic light timers that will turn the lights on during the night and turn them off in the daytime.

Cancel deliveries or ask your neighbor to receive them for you

Seeing your mailbox overstuffed with a pile of newspapers and mails would give burglars the idea that you are not home. You can either choose to pause deliveries or have someone pick up your mail.

Leave your car parked in the driveway

Seeing a car in the driveway scares the burglar to break into your house as they think that someone is inside, and they might be risking their safety. If you are using your car on your trip, ask your trusted neighbor if he can park his vehicle on your driveway. He might even thank you for the additional temporary space.

If you don’t feel good about leaving your car unattended while you’re away, you can borrow your father’s old truck and confidently park it in the driveway.

Keep your lawn mowed and the grass green

mowing service

Overgrown gardens or dried grass are signs that the owner is away. Hire a local lawn mowing service and ask your friend or a neighbor to monitor the activity.

Put a security sign

Inform potential thieves that you have a security system installed in your property. You can stick these signs in front of your gate, in your front windows or bushes. You can also use the traditional “beware of dogs” sign, which is still an effective way to deter burglars.

Put some clothes on the clothesline

Pick some unused garments and a couple of rugs to hang on the clothesline. This will give the illusion that someone is in the house.

Secure the property

Some thieves are more determined than others that they will try to steal even from occupied homes.

Prevent entry by locking the garage, and trimming tree branches that can serve as a ladder. Secure all of your doors by using at least two locking mechanisms. Check possible access points and install a physical barrier such as fencing, prickly hedges of thorny bushes. It is also essential to have CCTV installed, and house alarms set that will scare away the burglars.

Bring peace of mind in your travel luggage by securing your home before going on a long holiday.

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