Part of the research triangle, Raleigh is famous for housing some of America’s best universities. Its proximity to Durham and Chapel Hill makes it an ideal location for professionals and researchers. It is also a booming tech hub, attracting people from all parts of the country. Once there, they are in love with the friendliness of the people, great food, and live music scene. Here, we talk about some things to consider to make your move to Raleigh as smooth as possible.

Choosing where to live

In Raleigh, there is an abundance of options to choose from when it comes to living, depending on your income and family size. Be aware that rent and housing prices in Raleigh are slightly higher than the national average, though most people employed there also make a high salary. Some of the best neighborhoods for young people are close to downtown and diverse in nature, such as Oakwood. Families can buy homes in upscale suburbs such as Five Points, not too far from the universities. Most of the suburbs are great options for families with kids as they are connected to good schools and parks.

Beware of the weather

Most of North Carolina is hot and humid throughout summer and well into October. Summer temperatures are very high, and rain is a constant fixture. Make sure that your house has air conditioning. North Carolina is also known to have had quite a few storms. If you are going to rent or buy a house in Raleigh, get insurance. Make sure to particularly purchase homeowners insurance or personal insurance that covers natural disasters. On the bright side, warm weather means warmer winters, little snow, and a cool, crisp fall.

An abundance of opportunities

career-driven employees on the rooftop of building

Raleigh is ranked as one of the best places in the country to find a job. It is home to several large multinational companies. It is also home to many small and large universities. The University of North Carolina and Duke University are also nearby, making Raleigh a part of the research triangle. Some of the biggest employers here are tech companies such as IBM and other pharmaceutical companies. It makes sense to move here if you have college-age children or are just starting your career.

The home of southern food and hospitality

One thing that repeatedly comes up when talking about Raleigh is the availability of fantastic food. But plenty of cities have a thriving food scene. So what makes this place special? It is the combination of southern hospitality and great food that makes Raleigh really stand out to food lovers. In no place in the city does it feel like you are simply purchasing a service. Businesses work as a community and make everyone feel welcome. The delicious food, paired with the live music scene, makes Raleigh one of the best cities to live in.

There is a lot more to find out about Raleigh before moving here, such as its interesting history, art scene, and museums. But maybe some things are best discovered at the moment.

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