Most restaurants already have a busy area in the dining room. If you are looking to provide space for more customers, you should consider adding an outdoor area. The restaurant patio is a great idea in helping boost business profits. However, you might find it challenging to keep the outdoors in your restaurant safe. You must always have your security guard keep an eye on the outside dining area for fleeing customers. Thieves and pests may also bother your guests during their meals. If you are pushing for a patio outside of your restaurant, you should consider incorporating these features into your outdoor design.

Provide Cover from the Sun and Rain

You have no control over the atmosphere if you have tables outside of your restaurant. It is easy to manipulate the condition in the dining area, but the outdoor atmosphere will depend on traffic, pollution, and weather. You need to protect your customers from the elements if you plan on serving tables outside. An awning is one of the most common commercial solutions for restaurants. If you are willing to spend more for the safety of your outdoor tables, you should consider putting up flexible glass walls. The glass will make the outdoor dining area feel like an extended room, which makes it easier for you to serve your customers in a convenient setting.

cctv unit on the ceiling

Install CCTV

Your doors and walls will make it challenging for you to supervise the outdoor dining area. If you have no clear view of the outside tables, you might risk letting your customers flee before paying for their food. Managers must keep an eye on the dining areas at all times, which is why you should consider installing CCTV on the restaurant patio. The security camera allows you to record footage of customers eating while making sure that they are safe. Diners will also hesitate to flee the premises because of the CCTV’s presence. You will also be able to protect your customers aside from your restaurant. Thieves will spot your security cameras and shy away from robbing your diners.

Add Plants and Fences as Borders

Customers want to have their private space, even if they are eating outside of the restaurant. However, you might notice that passersby will walk close to your diners. Customers will feel uncomfortable when strangers are walking close by during their meal. Providing a private table is part of the overall customer service a restaurant should offer. If you want to make customers feel comfortable, consider adding borders to the patio. You can use fences to keep pedestrians away from the outdoor dining area. You should also consider adding plants, which will help block the view of potential thieves.

Install Proper Lighting

It will be challenging for customers to eat their food during nighttime if you do not have proper lighting. Aside from its decorative purposes, the outdoor light fixtures will help you provide a better atmosphere and setting for your customers. Your staff will also be able to watch over the outdoor area with ease. You can put up the lights on trees and awnings. Lighting will provide restaurant staff and customers with a clearer view, which helps make the outdoors a safer environment.

Restaurants are getting creative with their outdoor dining area. There is nothing wrong with adding decorations on the restaurant patio, but you should always prioritize installing safety measures.

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