Not every child grows up to have the same level of social skills. That’s why it’s crucial to know the average developmental skills so you that you’ll the kind of help that your child needs.

Parents Magazine says that the right social skills that your child needs to learn have three different stages. It involves determining the social skills that they need to develop, finding out ways to teach them these skills, and reinforcing these lessons using the right resources.

Discovering the three steps of social development

Most of the time, children often develop distinct social skills from the ages two to seven years old. During this time, kids learn these skills from interacting with other people, especially those who are often around them.

Starting from the age of two until three, children begin to seek attention from other people. Kids try to initiate contact with other people through verbal and physical means. They often do it by exchanging looks and laughing at silly events or objects.

Once they reach three to four years old, they’re now able to take turns whenever they play games. You’ll often see them treating a doll as though it’s real. They also start to use actual words when communicating.

Children at the age of four until five years old are now able to cooperate with other kids. They now understand direct requests and are far more apt to tattling.

At five to six years old, kids now understand what friends mean and how to please them. They also have a grasp of the meaning of sorry, thank you, and please. Kids at this age also know the concept of competitive games. At this age, parents are starting to look at a few preschools in Phoenix, Az to start their education.

Children who are at the age of six to seven years old knows how to empathize with other people. They also start to learn how to share and wait for turns. Although they still have issues with understanding the difference between what’s right and wrong. That’s why you need to be there to guide them along the way.

Vital social skills that kids need to learn

children in school

Teaching your kids some necessary social skills can help them enjoy better peer relationships. Since you won’t be with them all the time once they start to go to school, having these social skills will help them interact with other kids.

Very Well Family says that you can start by teaching them the value of sharing. Simple acts such as willingness to share a toy can help your child make friends easily. While you shouldn’t force your kid to share their toys, you can try to instil these values when possible. Praising them would help them understand these values easily.

Meanwhile, listening isn’t all about staying quiet. Your child needs to learn what the other person is saying by absorbing what it means. Doing so will help them create healthy communication with other people.

Helping your child to build her social skills is crucial, especially once they go to school. So, try to encourage your kid to make friends with others to help them improve their confidence.

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