Just because you live in a teeny tiny house doesn’t mean that you can’t host big parties. The key is to make sure that your home can work great for your daily activities while being flexible enough for entertaining.

With this in mind, below are some practical tactics for entertaining in a tiny space from having perfectly planned seating areas and dining areas to using the right furniture.

Seating for All

When hosting a soiree, of course, you need ample seating for everyone. Having a huge sofa is great since it will seat lots of people. When seating guests, consider placing people who know each other well on the sofa and positioning others in ottomans and chairs surrounding the space.

If you are looking to maximise the capacity of a sofa, opt for one without arms so you can seat at least two more persons. You could likewise use large throw pillows for guests who want to lie low and chill on the floor or as backrests and armrests.

Multipurpose Tables

Go for slimmer tables and furniture that won’t interfere with air circulation and help make the tiny space look more spacious and bigger than it actually is. If you must have a television in your living space, opt for a TV console here in your Singapore home with built-in storage (a plus!) that is slim enough to be functional.

Instead of using a massive and bulky coffee table, opt for a leggier and narrower style. You can also use a couple of smaller tables that you can easily rearrange or over move around as needed. Throw in a couple of stools that can double duty as tables and higher side tables that can serve as a minibar or cocktail table.

These multifunctional furniture pieces provide options and can be placed out of sight when not required.

Dining Areas

dining area with small chandelier

While spaces differ, circular or oval tables are better for tinier spaces and accommodating more people. They round edges will enable you to seat people more comfortably without worrying about them bumping into each other or a corner.

You could also go with a banquet or long bench combined with regular dining chairs. This option will give you additional room to squeeze in a couple of more people, particularly small kids while allowing others to sit by themselves.

Strategic Serving Stations

Crafting serving stations for guests to circulate throughout the space instead of just squeezing in one area allows for more mingling and efficient traffic flow. To do this, you can create a station for food and drinks that’s relatively far from common gathering areas, such as the primary seating area or kitchen.

Placing this kind of setup away from traffic will enable people to circulate more instead of stopping at awkward points like doorways and hallways.

Having a small home is no reason to pass up on hosting parties and playing hostess of the year. So yes, you too can take on the challenge of throwing a huge party with lots of guests regardless of how small your home is.

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