Diets are mostly difficult if you do them the wrong way. Strict diets mostly lead to binge eating, making all of your efforts go to waste. Want to fit in that bikini while eating a slice of that ice cream cake? Believe us, it is definitely possible.

Today, we will discuss a few things that you should follow when it comes to dieting and eating ice cream cakes. Go ahead and order those ready-made ice cream cakes for yourself and your friends or family!

Look at the Ingredients

The ingredients will be the deciding factor when it comes to ordering ice cream cakes. Ask the supplier what ingredients they are putting into the ice cream cake and make sure that most or all of them are healthier versions of what they usually put in desserts.

Some of the ingredients to look for in an ice cream cake are dark chocolate, low-fat, non-fat, almond, or skim milk, stevia instead of sugar, eggs, and natural flavourings such as vanilla bean. Steer clear of the ones that have ingredients such as refined sugar, corn syrup, mono and diglycerides, and heavy cream.

Share it with Your Loved Ones

It’s fairly easy to wolf down a couple of slices of ice cream cake, especially if you have been depriving yourself of it. One slice or one serving per sitting is enough, so make sure to share the rest with your friends and/or family.

If you are eating the dessert alone, then ask the supplier if you can order just a slice of your preferred flavour. Remember that it’s all about self-control and remember your goal.

Go for the Real Deal

You do not have to fool your tastebuds and yourself by going for ice cream cake substitutes. Sure, frozen yoghurt is quite yummy, but it’s nowhere near ice cream cakes. Do not deprive yourself and allow yourself to indulge in that piece of ice cream cake every once in a while!

Going for alternatives will most likely not satisfy your cravings, and you would probably eat the ice cream cake anyway. You would only be doubling the calories by eating the frozen yoghurt and the ice cream cake!

Remember Your Non-Dairy Options

Woman holding ice cream

Ask the supplier if they have a non-dairy version of their ice cream cakes. Almost every ingredient there is replaceable by something, most especially milk and cheese. If your diet is strictly non-dairy, then go ahead and look for desserts that are as good yet do not have any dairy in them. You’ll be surprised at all of the options that you have!

Practice self-control and you’ll be all good. A healthy diet involves eating most of what you want but being mindful of what’s in it, as well as the portions. Go for the healthier alternative and ditch the overly processed ones and you will be all good! Now, grab a spoon and enjoy that slice of yummy ice cream cake!

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