Dentures have long been the go to way of resolving the issue of missing teeth, and they’ve been around for a long time. Contemporary dentures are now of a very high standard. However, even with the advances that have been made, wearing them can come with a range of issues that can affect a person’s quality of life.

Reasons for considering an alternative

Dentures can become a little loose over time, which results in them moving around inside a person’s mouth. This means that they rub on the gums, which can make them sore and uncomfortable. When the dentures have loosened like this, people often find that talking becomes an issue – as their speech is affected. This can erode a person’s confidence and cause them to avoid social situations.

Dentures that don’t quite fit can also mean that eating some foods becomes impossible. This can become very limiting, particularly when it comes to eating out and socialising.

When dentures aren’t quite right, they can also cause headaches and pain in the neck and ears. Although both issues can be caused by infections and various illnesses, if they are occurring regularly – then the dentures could be to blame.

This kind of tooth replacement usually lasts between five and ten years. However, they do deteriorate over time. Dentures can become discoloured and also end up smelling bad – which will of course cause the person wearing them to give off an odour. Again, the person’s confidence can be badly affected by this.

New dentures or something else?

Some people will opt to resolve issues like the ones described by getting new dentures. They don’t have to cost too much, and there is no surgery involved. The lack of a requirement for any dental surgery is particularly appealing to people who feel very nervous about getting treatments done.

Today’s dentures look more natural and have greatly improved compared to what was available years ago. However, they sit on the gums rather than replacing the root of a tooth; and this makes them much more vulnerable to instability and potentially becoming loose over time.

For some people, dental implants are a much better means of replacing missing teeth. This kind of treatment has lots of advantages over dentures, and is an increasingly popular with people who want to feel more confident about their smile.

Dental implants

woman pointing to her teeth while holding a sample teeth

While choosing dental implants does involve a minor degree of surgery, they usually last much longer than dentures. Rather than a five to ten year time span, dental implants that are properly cared for can function for as much as twenty years – and even longer than that in some cases.

Implants look really natural, and stay put much better than dentures. This is because they replace the root as well as the visible part of the tooth. This means that they do not move around, and the patient can eat and talk as normal. The result of this is also that they are much more comfortable, and usually cause little or no irritation – especially after the recovery period.

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