Ceiling-high window panes. Wooden floor. Metallic fixtures. Sunlight-washed living room. A shelf lined with books. This is what a dream home often looks like. A modern rustic house, with all its wooden charm and infinite possibilities, is inviting, cozy, and elegant. It gives you a feeling of home and luxury rolled into one.

Luckily, it’s not that difficult to recreate a rustic vibe for your own home in Santa Ana. Here are a few tips to help you design the home that you’ve always been dreaming of:

1. Start with wooden furniture.

The kinds of furniture are significant contributors to the look you’re going for. For a rustic look, go for timeless, wooden pieces with unique textures and patterns. What’s excellent about wooden furniture is that they tend to be long lasting, giving you the most bang for your buck.

You should also be conscious of the shades of wood that you’ll get. For a more serious vibe, go for darker shades. If you want to lighten things up, lighter wooden shades are perfect.

But don’t fret if you have existing furniture that you don’t want to replace. You can just paint it with a traditional rustic or accent color.

2. Go for wooden tile floors.

Rustic = wood, so, of course, you have to have a wooden floor. A lot of companies offer wooden tile flooring in Santa Ana, but you have to look for a supplier known for durable products. You should also decide on how big your tiles will be. Bigger wooden tiles tend to make a space look more spacious while smaller tiles are best for letting smaller areas flow.

As with furniture, you have to choose the shade of wood that best achieves the look you want to go for. A darker wooden tile creates a serious mood, so it’s best to use in office or workshop rooms.

Rustic and elegant designed bedroom.

3. Consider using nature-inspired wallpapers.

Another ingenious way of incorporating rustic design into your home is to use wood designed wallpapers. Particularly great for bedrooms and reading rooms, nature-inspired wallpapers, like those with bamboo or wooden patterns, are a cost-efficient way to add a rustic vibe in a space. A roll of wallpaper can cost as low as $6 on Amazon. It’s definitely budget-friendly and pretty easy to install.

4. Mix it with an industrial design.

What happens when you mix wood with stone and steel? Rustic, industrial design with a serious wow factor. If you have a lot of wood going on, this is also a good way of keeping the design from feeling too monochromatic and ordinary.

In your living room, try using wooden floors and mixing it with a stainless steel chandelier or metal hanging pots or lights. You can also try using brick-designed wallpapers.

While rustic homes make staying in to read a good book while sipping wine easier and more fun, you don’t have to break the bank to achieve it. With easy hacks and DIY genius, you can create the rustic home of your dreams.

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