If you plan to move into Tasmania from Victoria, professional interstate furniture removalists in Melbourne may charge an average of $86 per hour.

Residents in Victoria spend the lowest hourly rate for furniture removal compared to other states. Most removalists in New South Wales charge $90 for a standard move, while those in Queensland may quote $95 per hour. Homeowners in Western Australia should expect to pay $110 per hour for furniture removal.

Estimating Costs

While Victoria has the cheapest cost of labour for furniture removal, the actual price for your relocation will depend on several factors. Large items such as bookshelves and pianos may require more than two people to do the job so you should expect to spend a higher rate. The size of your house also affects the price. Those who live in apartments will move fewer items than people who live in stand-alone houses, hence the difference in quotes.

You should also hire a truck instead of a ute if you plan to move heavy furniture. Don’t forget to account for insurance when planning a budget as some contractors don’t include it in their quotes. Transportation insurance will increase the overall cost of furniture removal.

Ways to Save Money

Professional movers charge more expensive rates during weekends and holidays. You can save money by scheduling a transfer during weekdays or get a discount when you agree to a date set by the removalist. Some contractors may charge more for clean-up work, but you can do it yourself and skip the extra cost.

The peak season for moving usually happens in spring because of favourable weather. Service providers will quote higher prices as demand increases, so avoid the season if you have a limited budget. Rates will eventually decline by winter, which is usually considered to be the lean season for contractors.

What to Do Before the Big Day

furniture and packaging boxes in a corner

Hire a furniture removalist at least four weeks before your intended relocation date. This provides you with more time to prepare and collect items that you want to bring to your new home. Don’t forget to organise copies of your financial and health records, aside from settling any outstanding bills. If you are renting, some landlords may require a month’s notice before you vacate the premises.

You can start packing things three weeks before the date, but you can pack items gradually a month before the move to make it seem less of a chore. Pet owners should also visit the veterinarian and retrieve medical records, and start looking for transit insurance at least two weeks early. A week before the move is probably the busiest time for you. The furniture removalist must reconfirm the date and time to avoid potential problems. If you’re bringing a refrigerator, consume all items at least a few days before the date.

Ask for at least three quotes from different professional movers to compare rates. Remember that full-service companies will charge more than independent contractors, but the latter may not be a good choice if you need help with other tasks aside from furniture removal.

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