Water damage repair here in Denver may cost around $11.16 per square foot or more than $2,200 for the remediation of a 215-square-foot area. Cost of labor, materials and other job supplies will affect the actual cost. If you hire a general contractor for flood clean-up work, the total expenses may increase by at least $422 due to additional fees.

Rates in Denver County will be mostly the same among contractors, but you should find a professional near your area to save money. Some companies may charge extra for servicing homes that are too far away from them.

How Long Does it Take?

Water damage remediation for 215 square feet of space may take more than 50 hours on average. Remember that more complicated problems may require longer restoration work. The cost of labor accounts for more than 50% of your expenses.

For instance, the average labor fee for reversing the damage to the given space costs around $1,580. Job materials and supplies will account for approximately $650 of your budget. You should also expect to pay permit and inspection fees, especially for extensive damages.

Since water damage often happens due to flooding, you should look for water and flood damage specialists. It’s better if they also specialize in sewage backups and mold remediation.

Flood Clean-Up Expenses

Most homeowners in Denver pay almost $3,520 for flood clean-up work, although you can spend more than $3,700 for bigger tasks. The average quote includes the cost of materials at $16 per square foot to $18 per square foot.

Don’t pick the cheapest quote, particularly when you suspect the presence of mold. Choose a specialist

Water damage remediation

Preventive Maintenance

Some causes of water damage at home are unavoidable like hurricanes and storms, but it doesn’t mean that you can limit your risk. Leaky pipes and broken appliances are an example of preventable causes. If you’re still using copper pipes, you might want to replace them with corrosion-free plastic PEX pipes.

Copper pipes that are older than 20 years can have pinholes and eventually cause leaks, whether or not they are soldered together. You don’t have to replace your entire plumbing right away, since doing so can be too costly. Prioritize areas where leaks are most likely to happen and start from there.

Leaks can also happen for doors and windows, which can be simply resolved with a tube of exterior-grade caulking product. Always check the drain pipes from washing machines and dishwashers – out of sight, out of mind.

Some cases of water damage happen after months or even years of built-up leaks from inconspicuous areas.

Are you torn between hiring a water damage specialist and not paying a fortune at the same time? You should ask quotes from at least three different water damage specialists in Denver to compare the best rates. You can also try to negotiate a financing plan for big-ticket jobs.

Some companies may offer this when the recommended tasks such as mold remediation and flood clean-up involve an expensive upfront payment. 

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