Set of feet wearing socks warming near the fireplaceIf you have been thinking about installing electric or gas central heating systems, the recent cold snaps should be a good enough reason to do so.

Kiwis at home have experienced unpleasant weather at the start of April, following a hot summer season. Those with heaters can further improve living conditions by knowing some simple ways to keep their houses warm and comfortable.

Simple Tricks

You should invest in a good dehumidifier at home and place it in a warm room since it works more efficiently and consumes less power this way. If you plan to leave it on overnight, then the bedroom serves as a good place.

While the dehumidifier does its job, avoid hanging wet laundry inside the house to prevent trapped moisture, which causes dampness. Bathrooms can also be a source of moisture, so installing an exhaust fan can solve this.

If you still wish to have central insulation at home, the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority’s (EECA) offers financial assistance to those who meet their income requirements.

Government Funding

Low-income tenants or landlords with poor tenants can apply for funding from the EECA, which would cover 50 per cent of the installation price for ceiling and under-floor insulation. Qualified homes should have been built before 2000, and homeowners or main tenants should have a Community Services Card.

The authority will accept applications until July 1. Landlords should also take note that all rental properties in New Zealand should have under-floor and ceiling insulation that comply with the NZS 4246:2016 standard. As such, they should consider taking advantage of this funding programme.

Severe weather during the colder months can be a key factor for illnesses. If you do not qualify for the EECA funding, many commercial plumbers offer reasonable rates for home insulation. How do you keep yourself warm during a cold snap?