The authenticity and effectiveness of alternative medicine as a form of medicine have always been challenged. Widely recognised forms of therapy, such as acupuncture, naturopathy, herbal medicine, and homeopathy, are often written off in the medical community as inefficient at best and fraudulent at worst.

Despite opposing opinions, alternative medicine remains widely practiced. For those that do believe in the power of non-conventional forms of therapy, this is what they claim it can do for you:

Natural therapies improve your overall wellness

Most patients use complementary and alternative therapies to find better ways to cope with their situation. Since these therapies mainly allow patients to concentrate on relaxation and reduce stress, it helps them regulate their emotions, relieve anxiety, and increase their sense of well-being.

Alternative medicine and complementary therapy are believed to promote positive emotions, and alleviate mental health problems, including depression, stress, and sleep problems.

Feel more in control

When consulting your physician, it can feel as if they make the majority of the decisions for your treatment. You have little to no control over your fate and this sense of defeatedness adds to your own physical sickness.

Those who seek alternative treatments regain control of their situation. Complementary and alternative medicine provides them with a more active role in their treatment and recovery. Instead of a physician who makes most of the decisions for them, the patients work in partnership with their therapist in dealing with their illness.

Natural healing

Most of the patients who turn to alternative medicine are drawn to the idea of treatment that is natural and non-toxic. Herbal medicine, in particular, is a trusted practice that is present in different cultures around the world and has withstood time. While some conventional medicines have side effects, complementary and alternative medicines help reduce these side effects and symptoms.

Herbal medicine provides a sustainable and organic option, especially at a time where environmental preservation should be a mainstream concern. Natural treatments are also a lot less costly than conventional medicine and are more accessible to people who cannot afford even basic medicines.

Encourages a healthy lifestyle

healthy diet with veggies and fruits

Different types of complementary and alternative medicine promote natural treatments and physical exertion. Patients are exposed to a healthier lifestyle that involves a healthy and sustainable diet, regular exercises and mindfulness practices. This leads to improvements in their overall health and wellness, which can boost the immune system and help minimise symptoms.

Healing in mind and body

One of the main principles of complementary and alternative medicine is to heal the mind first, so the body can follow. Meditation is encouraged to relax the mind, lower stress levels and accommodate positive thoughts. It seeks to change your way of thinking by realigning the mind to form good thought patterns.

Food supplements and herbs, such as herbal teas, are then administered to relax the body. You will be advised to always consume fresh fruit and vegetables so your body gets essential vitamins and nutrients. Complementary and alternative medicine also incorporate physical therapy and exercises to relax your body, and strengthen your bones and muscles.

As the proverb goes, “a healthy mind lives in a healthy body” and alternative medicine operates under this philosophy. It is all about natural and holistic treatments that improve mental and physical health. Along with complementary medicine, you can use it with conventional treatments to ensure your recovery.

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