It’s pretty understandable if you don’t know what bail bonds are. But it becomes a different story when you or a person you love, gets arrested. If you or someone dear to you is imprisoned or you fear that you’ll be arrested soon, it pays to know what bail bonds are, how they work, and how they can help you. Here are a few important facts about bail bonds:

The Bail

If you are arrested, you will be taken by the police to jail, where your mug shot, fingerprints, and statement will be taken. You will be locked up while awaiting your day in court. However, a bail bondsman in Gastonia, North Carolina can help you.

A bail is a financial arrangement that a bondsman can make on your behalf. While they do this, they will speak with the court, which will set the monetary value of the bail, to have you released pending the trial. Bail can be paid to the court in the form of cash, assets, or a bond.

Should you opt for a bond, it becomes a surety or a guarantee that the full amount of the bail will be paid. In exchange, you will pay the bail agency according to the terms you have agreed on.

The Bondsman, the Bounty Hunter, and You

Meanwhile, the bail agency becomes responsible for ensuring that you arrive in court on the day of your trial. The bail agency can hire a bounty hunter to track you down if you don’t show up in court.

Across the USA, bail recovery agents or bail bondsmen are both classified as bail agents. Still, people often refer to them as bounty hunters. The fact, however, is that they perform different services.

A bail recovery agent is the one responsible for tracking you down, arresting you, and returning you for your court date, which is more like what a bounty hunter does. Bail bondsmen, on the other hand, provide the funds needed to release you before your trial.

Putting It All Together

bail bond concept

To cover the cost of the bail, a bail bondsman will find a form of security against your assets. If you don’t have enough assets, your loved ones can help you. The bondsman can take collateral from your relatives and friends if they are willing to assist. However, if you don’t show up in court, the bondsman can sue you for the bail that was already paid on your behalf. Plus, bail agencies can hire a bounty hunter to track you down.

When to Contact a Bail Bondsman

If this happens to a loved one, you can act as a co-signer to secure the bond. However, make sure that you provide the bail agency with the necessary information so that the process goes smoothly.

Some of the most important information they need include the person’s complete address, full name, booking number, and the total amount of the bail. With all this information, you can contact a bondsman to take care of the bail.

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