In ancient civilisations, it was a custom to show graciousness and hospitality to guests. In fact, it was more of a responsibility to make sure that the needs of each guest are adequately met. Some even held elaborate feasts and prepared entertainment specifically for their guests.

Nowadays, although it’s no longer required to do such festive activities as a form of welcome, homeowners still exert an effort to give their guests a delightful stay. This is especially true in Southern states like Alabama, Kentucky, or Mississippi since classic values of chivalry and generosity are deeply integrated into their cultural roots.

Southern Living, a home design magazine, explains that a guest bedroom must be comfortable, warm, and inviting — and this is what you should aim for. Your goal should be to select elements that exude a vibe of relaxation. Here are the key fundamentals in curating a guest bedroom:

Colour Scheme

There’s a variety of themes and colour palettes you can incorporate depending on the look that you’re going for. Selecting one main colour will give the room a neat and orderly feel, as having many combinations can be straining for the eyes. Additionally, since the goal is to create a comforting retreat, go for warm and calming neutral shades that are pleasant to look at. You can also use contrasting textures, lines, and patterns to enliven the room.


bath towels and sheet placed on the bed

HGTV states that comfortable accommodation should be complete with readily available necessities including toiletries, bath towels, extra blankets and sheets, pillowcases, and other essential items. You can even prepare some grab-and-go snacks and treats, as well as books and magazines on the bedside table for entertainment.

Bed Type

Like how the centerpiece is considered an essential table decoration in the dining area, the bed — of course — is the most important part of any bedroom. When choosing a bed, consider factors like size, type, and material.

For the size, take into account the size of the room and the available space that will be left upon installation. It’s a big misconception that a large bed is always the best option because you’ll want to retain substantial space to keep the room from looking crowded.

Second, if you’re going for functionality, a popular choice is folding beds. A 2019 review and buyer’s guide at describes folding beds as handy accessories for accommodating temporary guests.

Lastly, for the material, you can choose among wood, metal, or fabric. Wooden bed frames give a rustic appeal. If you want a more posh look, fabric headboards are ideal. Metal beds that are usually available in Kent, on the other hand, provide a modern aura that’s neither too lavish or laidback.

Although the overall design and appearance of a guest bedroom are important, the priority is still maintaining cleanliness. Keep your home tidy to give a good impression. Moreover, it’s considered good manners to take note of details like food insensitivities or temperature preferences. Most importantly, treat them nicely by showing interest and communicating with them enthusiastically all throughout their stay in your abode.

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