BeerA cold bottle of craft beer after a long day’s work can quench any thirsty soul. The cold and bitter hint of beer is all thanks to hops, the secret ingredient used for making the drink that we love best.

But did you know that aside from brewing beer, there are a lot of things you can do with hops that buying it by the pound would be ideal? Below are some of the ways you can use hops aside from crafting your pint of happiness.

As a sleeping aid

The first known use of hops is rooted in its medicinal properties. It became known as a sleeping aid because back in the days, hop pickers easily fall asleep due to the bitter acids and volatile oils of hop flowers.

Fast forward to the present, hops are still used to help insomnia patients sleep and is integrated into pillows and other sleep aiding methods.

In meals

You can sautée young hops in garlic and butter, and you can eat them like young asparagus. It has loads of nutritional properties that it is used in various meals like salads, cakes, and pastries.

As tea

Drinking hops tea can help you sleep better and relax, making it a good drink for people who have anxiety and are suffering from insomnia.

As medicine

To reduce swelling and bruising, people use hops in the affected area. People also turn them into tonics that would help improve blood flow and reduce nervousness and hysteria. They also help with diseases of the chest and throat.

Hops might not be a household name like other plants, but now that you know of their alternative uses, maybe it is time you invest in some and find good use for them. If not, you could always brew your own craft beer.

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