Man and woman sold their home with the help of their real estate agentThere are many houses to choose from if you’re in the market for one, so you can just hop from house to house until one catches your fancy. As for a homeowner looking to sell, the burden of making your home stand out and become one that catches buyer’s fancy is on your shoulders.

To make your home more attractive to prospective buyers, here are some suggestions on what you should do:


It may not cost much to beautify that garden, trim those hedges or mow the grass on the lawn, but the effect is that your home makes a great first impression right from the kerb. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your unkempt lawn untouched for every buyer to frown upon.

Clean up

The bigger your house, the more challenging it may be to clean it. But that’s a sacrifice you have to make. If you simply don’t have the time, energy, or inclination, AA Cleaning Ltd recommends calling for house cleaning services in Auckland. Professional work can leave your home immaculately clean, and that’s an instant turn-on for buyers.

Repair and replace

Broken windows, buckling shingles, a rusted gutter, a leaky tap or pipe, a busted light — even the smallest things may spell the difference between making a sale or a buyer stepping out before they’ve seen the rest of the house. Repair what’s broken and replace those that cannot be repaired.

Freshen up

You don’t want your home to smell like fried fish on an open house. Take out the trash and remove anything that may be causing the bad odour. Put a Thirsty Hippo in every room if you’ve recently repainted or had to get rid of some nasty smells. Choose between artificial air fresheners or fresh flowers. When buyers arrive, you may also bake some cookies. The smell is great, and you can offer your guests some cookies and iced tea.

These tips may not ensure a sale, but they are more likely to get a buyer interested enough to linger and make an offer.

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