After days of asking, begging to the point of grovelling, you’ve finally got your crush to go out with you for a date. Now it’s time to show your crush that you’re indeed quite the gentleman and you’re worth her time. Taking her to your favourite restaurant in Tunbridge Wells can get the ball rolling. To ensure that tasty dishes and nice ambience help you make your case, avoid these mistakes.

Don’t be late

Turning up for a date late amounts to the highest level of tardiness and goes a long way in ruining any credibility you had. Matters only get worse if you’re the one who set the time and picked the places. In essence, you would be leaving them stranded in a new place wondering if they’ve been stood up.

It paints you as a crass individual who doesn’t respect other people’s time nor care about their feelings. That would be in stark contrast to what you’re trying to accomplish on the date. Worst of all, it ruins the all-important first impression.

If there’s a likelihood of getting held up at work, caught up in a traffic snarl up, or bad weather, be sure to communicate. Your date won’t like it, but they are likely to be more accommodating. That increases the likelihood of going for a second date.

Don’t order for her

Unless you’re familiar with her culinary preferences, it’s only fair that let your date pick out their meal. While you might be familiar with the menu, your food tastes might be on the polar opposite. However, you can help your date have their pick by explaining what some dishes contain.

Not only would such a move ensure that your date gets to enjoy their meal, but also earn you points for such a thoughtful gesture. It lets you come off as caring and thoughtful, which makes a date smooth and enjoyable. Such small things aren’t lost on your partner.

The last thing you want to do is dictate what your date should eat. First of all, that is not only rude but also inconsiderate. It amounts to a lack of respect and makes you come off as overbearing. That is likely to ruin the date and cut it short.

Don’t hassle the wait staff

waitress offering dishes to guests

As much as you’d want to impress your date, you shouldn’t do it at the expense of the wait staff. The way you treat the serves is a reflection of who you’re as an individual. Your date is likely to be picking up cues from how you interact with them.

Being rude, condescending, or dismissive to the people bringing your food will only tarnish your image in the eyes of your date. It speaks of how you handle a difficult situation and flying off the handle indicates that you have an anger problem. That would be a glaring red flag in the eyes of your date would probably lead them to cut ties.

Picking a nice restaurant is the first step to going out on an enjoyable date with your crush. However, you need to mind your conduct while out on that date to ensure all goes well. It’s in your best interest to avoid raising any red flags that could ruin your time together.

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